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Texty alba Dues ex machinae

— k47 (CC by-nc-sa)

vydáno: 1. května 2004
nahráno: podzim 2003, Lulea
délka: 72:33
label: Design Records Ltd.

Seznam skladeb:
01 Insidious
02 Super Steve
03 Dreadnaught
04 Flagcarrier
05 Return To Snake Mountain
06 Player One
07 Deus Ex Machinae
08 Attack Music
09 Ninja
10 Throttle And Mask
11 Killer Instinct
12 Tempus Fugit
13 Blind Dog Pride
14 Machinae Prime
15 Soundtrack To The Rebellion


I feel all black inside like coal
I wonder if you know?
An evil thrives inside my soul
the darkest place I know
I rage at everyone I see
Nocturnal fiends and all that be
just keep away from me

I search the shadows of my inner being
and see reflections of my twisted memories
The darker half of our nature
our misery
Is this the monster you call madness?

I feel all black inside like coal
I wonder if you know?
an evil nourished by my soul
the darkest place I know

so far from who we are
beneath our hidden scars
so far from where we once were
save me from this dark and twisted avatar
lead me back to where we were

It scrapes the corners of this waking dream
my own illusions leaving fissures in its seams
A pure distinction of hatred
and jealousy
Is this the one fallen angel
inside of me?

I feel all black inside like coal
how could you even know?


I only act and speak as I feel
Their world so enigmatic and unreal

We've got some freak potential
but that's just great
it makes us who we are,
molding our mental state

it feels so fragile our web of dreams
yet you could not break its truth
nor tear its seams

Don't look so skeptic when
you turn your eyes to me
Sometimes a hero ain't
what you've seen on TV

The fire, it knows me and
I can walk through the blaze without a mark
forever it owes me the life
I lost in the dark
The higher it takes me the more
I'm able to reach outside the walls
of our perception
and grab a piece for us all

some flaws are character, wear your crown!
come brother me
and all illusions will fall down


So we're finally united here
at the crossroads of our fears
Now the voice of god is everywhere
in our heads and in our ears

Turn the world into an enemy
and believe in me
I will make you see

I will never grant you ground
remember me and why you all bow down
to a metal forge dominion
Silent in a heart of steel
the voice that speaks so any man can feel
You believe in our dominion

Now the terror is the other we
and their unholy deity
It's time to boost the notoriety
of our great society


Flash of light, soft yet bright
I walk beneath the shadows
of the evernight
Never could have known
there was a place like this
where the world burns
and still I can exist

I can't hear the storm anymore
and I don't know what it's for
I can't feel my legs
but still I keep going
I can't feel my hands
but still I rest knowing
that I won't go alone

In the far twilight awaits
opens up to embrace

This barren soil
scorched and stained
by the blood of soldiers
left fallen in the rain
All the light in the world today
Won't light up the night
into which I walk away


I taste the bitter sweetness
of revenge and fly
no other meaning ever
stills my violent sky

Abused and violated
by those who control
I am re-animated
yet I have no soul

There's no distinction in my mind
You are all my enemies

I will return
to reclaim my broken past
to pay the evil minions back
for my misery at last
I will return
to the fortress to redeem
to wipe this evil nightmare
from my memory and dreams

I will not fade away
and die like all the rest
I will return to wipe out
terminate your nest


A misfit to this space
no religion no real place
I grow weary of these walls
so tired of it all

Dull gray and endless days
here where evil has no face
It is hidden from my eyes
unseen or in disguise

Welcome to a world
where you always get the girl
You may lose a fight or two
but you'll win if you get through

Face up and challenge all
you ever knew since you could crawl
Always looking somewhere else
when it's all inside yourself

I wanna play until I die
don't wanna lose my reasons why
I race towards the sky
in a world that never ends

I keep coming back for more
coming back until I score
always stronger than before
in a world that never ends

now I feel like that again!

Tomorrow I will be here,
and I won't be the only one.
Our dreams will always adhere
to a world beyond this one


Come summon all your deities
they stand on trial
before a tribunal of humankind
We are but children to the earth
No matter what they say
we owe it all to her

she is beautiful
our fading world tonight

History bleeds for tomorrow
for us to realize
and never more follow blind
We offer conscious rebirth
there is no other way
we owe it all to her

she is beautiful
our fading world tonight

Somewhere close but far away
(the light) where we are all forever
All of those who long to stay
(the light) will tear apart and sever

It's time to carry the burden
to rise above all dreams
of aliens and gods
We are but children to the earth
No matter how you pray
we owe it all to her

so beautiful
our dying world tonight

Somewhere close but far away,
the light, obscured in disarray
A withered rose
that sprung and fades tonight,
watching as they sway…

you know it's now or never


It might seem like a lot of fun
to smash the system
but it's not for everyone
Now you will listen

Could you see if you were blind
and their eyes told you?
And confined inside your mind
you draw your own view?

Here comes the master slave
Demand respect for treason
You are my reason
to despise the world!
Divided by your claws
When we are kings you will be
another suit against the wall
and bang!

What we learn is never free
we walk with evil
But in bliss we tend to be
so forgetful

You won't see it crawling back
just out of nowhere
and finally when they attack
they've always been here


Caught in the wind
are the voices of the damned
They harbinger the coming fray
You will be wise to heed as best you can
or Death embraces you as prey

You could sing the song of truth,
the silent dirge of honor
or meet your judgment in dismay

I could take you anytime
anywhere my presence is sublime

Or I'll just kill you in your sleep
Just another pointless life sold cheap
A light that fades away
turning to night from day
and leaving here to drift away

I bring forth the end to you
teh ph34r as I come into view
the last thing you will ever see is me
(my eyes)


I left their sheltered care and walked
a rogue in total freedom
to see the world with my own eyes
live by my sword
I joined the fray to find
what I believed was instant wisdom
but what I got was more than I ever wished for

Hate to bring you down,
to push your face into the ground
but it never is that simple!
Try so hard
to see the shards for what they are…
No, it never will be simple!

Sometimes emotion clouds my sight
as I rejoice in life
I know to treasure my own zest
for I am still young
I let my inspiration
savior me from mundane strife
and I refuse to go unheard, my truth unsung


A beating pulse, a pounding heart,
a million pieces from the start
I never doubted for a second
that it would be hard
But the will to be alive
greater than any ideals

I believe in you my love, we are above
simple things are not for us, we bleed for lust

Driven by our violent past,
ever forcing us to last,
unbridled killer instinct
ever standing fast
And so the will to be alive
overshadows any doubt

I believe…

We are heading for an evolutionary cul de sac
as our brethren try to take it all back


Silent like a tomb
the city reaches for the sky
I'm left alone here and I can't remember why
Lying on a rooftop
in a vast garden of concrete
The silence echoes in the streets

See as my eyes stray to pan
across the barren surface
as monolithic structures
tower through the silence
All of man's creations
left abandoned without purpose
I am alone yet feel its malice

And while the clear blue mid-day air
is feeling slightly awkward
as shafts of sunlight
stray across my field of view

I find new perspective
as tomorrow turns today
and in the sky I see
a soaring bird of prey
staring at the trees
I see them all begin to sway
I sense a storm is coming my way

I can barely see as
the sky erupts in light
hell falls all around me,
then suddenly, it's night…

Then without a whisper
the atmosphere is torn
Instinct is screaming
for shelter from the storm
I can barely see as the sky erupts in light
hell falls all around me,
then suddenly, it's night…


Another night is drawing nigh
I feel the spike in my side
to rid us all from this disease

And though a legion sides with me
and marches on ferociously
I can't force war to find my peace

I've seen the other side
the one world beyond our dog pride
somewhere outside is evolution, standing by

One in a million's just a drone
amassed in crowds you're still alone
the last of its kind is
the one with a mind of its own
This fate of ours is still unknown

I look at you and see what I
What I hate so in myself
I urge to vanquish this from me

And yet despite my open mind
I can not force those who are blind
to open up their eyes and see

I claim no unjust victory
but I am not afraid to see through
the shroud of destiny
Time and law are both my enemies
I won't fade away in history
I will mark this land with my beliefs

I never turned away or ran to hide
I have lived with my own mind as my guide
I never sold my right to decide
it was taken from me

Courtesy of the blind dog pride
the eyes of seekers turning wide
lost is he by someone else's side
he who isn't free

I know now my fate is in my mind
and those soothing words
they just drive me blind
I never sold out human kind
It was taken from me!


(bonusová skladba na druhém vydání)

in this place we find each other
a tribute to the wise
who view with open eyes
expose the lies of our brothers
misled and lost between
the surface and the screen

We are not alone to defy
we stand and those who push us down will die

Under a blackened sky
We light the torches and we hear the sound
of the soundtrack to the rebellion
We break the silence and we make the sound
of the soundtrack to the rebellion

they sit and suck the tit of power
they claim it for us all
but keep it within walls
these men aim to slowly devour
and they lock you into sleep
while silently they reap

They lie! Don't hear their blinded words of dread
The phantoms you fear they put inside your head

It fuels the flames throughout the night

píše k47, ascii@k47.cz