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06/2022 Collection ParticulièreOmertà
experimental electronic psych weird poetry dream
05/2022 Geen Weg UitDystopia
experimental electronic emo dark weird
05/2022 Volume 28Phlub
alternative experimental post-punk avant-garde alternative rock atmospheric
05/2022 Vocodes short — Mayhem and The Machines
noise experimental minimal harsh noise avant-garde sound art
05/2022 sprang short — Lightningordfoot
alternative ambient experimental acoustic weird
05/2022 Tripped Out CoversDr. Hy-Dro
experimental electronic psychedelic soundtrack drum & bass weird
05/2022 Filthy BeatsJimboJaggins
experimental hardcore synth bass blues weird
05/2022 S/TRadicalized
punk noise darkwave noise rock weird synthpunk
05/2022 Bile Jams From May 14th 2022Bile
experimental improv weird creative
05/2022 The Gilded Age of the GrinThe Golden Grin
metal techno experimental hardcore lo-fi avant-garde
05/2022 Mustard DovesMussy Cluves
rock experimental psychedelic avant-garde space weird
05/2022 i still loveEli utter
alternative weird
05/2022 Dream eazyPeanuts
techno electronic acid soundscape weird intense
05/2022 Rejects & Cut Content, Part 2Tamporn
experimental electronic hardcore jungle samples weird
05/2022 Colorsleedian
experimental jazz piano free jazz post-hardcore weird
05/2022 Sick DreamsUma Seedlings
punk drone dark ambient weird exotica
05/2022 Death BedUma Seedlings
punk drone dark ambient weird exotica
05/2022 DFAM ShennanigansJimboJaggins
experimental synth bass blues weird
05/2022 MenstrofagoFuruvgerendufuroval
noise experimental black metal devotional weird
05/2022 The Most Important Thing People Do In There Lives Is Become ThemselvesGander'spatch
metal psychedelic avant-garde doom art rock weird
05/2022 Basement PartyRefja
ambient experimental electronic house electro weird
05/2022 Rejects & Cut Content, Part 1Tamporn
experimental electronic instrumental beats reggae weird
05/2022 Bread Vbread experimentsbad
metal indie punk rock experimental electronic
05/2022 Mud Spectreemilio portalbad
ambient experimental beats avant-garde soundscape field recordings
05/2022 GOOD LUCK RINGEli utter
alternative weird
05/2022 Stop Looking At MeDeepShakez Capaciti
alternative hip hop avant-garde punk rock ska weird
05/2022 Duck and CoverThe Wrong John
indie experimental psychedelic electroacoustic weird
05/2022 Diarrhea of a madman, vol 1the blæs
metal black metal weird fun amateur different
05/2022 Safe CrashMatteo Coffetti
electronic downtempo bass tribal weird alien
05/2022 Flux PopuliChief and TheDoomsdayDevice
noise experimental indie rock hip hop hip-hop/rap rap
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