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11/2022 V — balaclavichord
folk noise indie rock drone harsh noise tapes NYP
11/2022 A Very Watery Record — pandit pam pam
experimental ambient electronica dub liquid water
11/2022 To Become Liquid Again link #2 — adriaan de roover lotte dodion
electronic ambient spoken word new age meditation meditative
11/2022 Water Splash | Throwing Rocks in a Puddle short — sonic lot
ambient field recordings field recording ambience sound effects water [CC BY]
10/2022 Wet On Wet ★★☆ — felicity mangan
experimental ambient soundtrack ambient electronic musique concrete country rock
10/2022 宮島 ★★ — onmyō
electronic experimental drone vaporwave plunderphonics sound collage NYP
10/2022 Water Splash Sound Effects Library | Creepy Bathroom short ★★★★☆ — freetousesounds
experimental ambient dark field recording horror halloween [CC BY]
10/2022 OASIS 2006 link #2 ★★☆ — various artists
electronic experimental ambient lo-fi funk dance NYP
10/2022 Soaked track — kollan daviobad
electronic musique concrete sample-based water [CC BY-SA]
10/2022 Echoes in the Valley Vol. 6 ★ — echoes in the valley
ambient drone field recordings nature relax sleep
10/2022 Buried Landscapes ★☆ — institute of landscape and urban studies
experimental soundscape sound art field recordings water
10/2022 Industrial Wastewater track — Ποσειδώνας
ambient vaporwave post-vaporwave water
09/2022 We All Are Oceans ★ — nyktv
experimental ambient dark ambient chillwave free jazz hyperpop [CC BY]
09/2022 Sounds of Iceland — moments in sound
ambient new age relaxation nature sounds asmr
09/2022 Be True ★★ — rl
blues water joy
09/2022 Seventhwave — david de la haye
experimental ambient glitch electroacoustic sound art field recordings
09/2022 Corumbá - Série Águas — lotus sound deluxe
soundtrack soundscape nature sample water
09/2022 前世の反響 — 愛kastrina愛
electronic experimental ambient dark ambient vaporwave love NYP
09/2022 Bathroom Sounds SFX Vol.2 short — ferreira the sound guybad
ambient soundtrack soundscape audiobooks sound design sound
09/2022 From the Depths... — 嫌い
ambient harsh noise harsh noise wall depressive water japanoise
09/2022 Beached Thunder — noise wrangler
electronic experimental noise idm harsh noise improvisation
09/2022 Children Playing in Water Fountain Library short — field sounds with lucasbad
ambient sound art field recording kids nature summer
09/2022 Y (HT075) — nd dentico
experimental ambient soundscape sound art field recording sound collage NYP
09/2022 Music Made Within The Summer Of 2022 — cyber bully ghostbad
experimental ambient drone vaporwave loops water NYP
09/2022 intake — cashmere casia
downtempo devotional death water
09/2022 Dammed Landscapes ★★ — institute of landscape and urban studies
experimental soundscape sound art field recordings environmental water
08/2022 Flowing Water & Waterfalls — wanted soundbad
ambient field recording ambience royalty free water sound libraries [CC BY]
08/2022 The River EP short — andreo
electronic experimental ambient electronica idm water
08/2022 スピリチュアルアセンション:パート2 — m e m o r y メモリー
electronic ambient vaporwave relax forest slushwave NYP
08/2022 Sailing Ambience — sound architecture
ambient field recordings ambience summer water waves
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