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01/2023 Clouds Under Nicotine — mabisyo
electronic experimental ambient hip hop rap instrumental
01/2023 ALPHA ☆ — mythril
electronic lo-fi vaporwave future bass vaportrap experimental electronica [CC BY-SA] NYP
01/2023 SAVE ME IN TIME link #2 — dayton palmsbad
experimental ambient vaporwave abstract slushwave vaportrap NYP
01/2023 Sea Firefly link #2 — nissan skyline gt-r
electronic experimental lo-fi jazz electronica downtempo NYP
01/2023 Visions of a SIC World ★★☆ — jazz playaz
hip-hop/rap rap jazz underground hip hop vaporwave instrumental hip-hop similar
01/2023 Dj Neolatino Vol. 2 — dosantos
alternative lo-fi chillwave remixes reggaeton edits NYP
01/2023 streets of simcity 2077 — n u s p e a k
experimental lo-fi experimental electronic avant-garde vaporwave video game music NYP
01/2023 Out of Bounds — 800 db
electronic hip hop lo-fi vaporwave mallsoft vaportrap NYP
01/2023 underwater empire. — 🎏bad
ambient vaporwave breakcore drum and bass vaportrap NYP
01/2023 The Abyss (prod. zambo) - Remix (Radio Edit) track — r3bellion44 zambobad
electronic experimental ambient beats trap vaporwave
01/2023 underwater empire. — 🎏bad
electronic experimental ambient vaporwave breakbeat breakcore NYP
01/2023 PALM MALL MEMPHIS II — dvnce
hip-hop/rap vaporwave phonk vaportrap trillphonk
01/2023 RITUAL track — bright ideasbad
hip-hop/rap lo-fi trap trip hop phonk vaportrap NYP
01/2023 Infaust International — Schramm Experienceシュラム体験
ambient vaporwave chillwave phonk dreampunk vaportrap
01/2023 32 Bit Breaks Vol.3 ★★☆ — professor creepshow
hip-hop/rap rap underground hip hop vaporwave instrumental hip-hop alternative hip-hop similar
01/2023 NXTWAVE — red alonebad
hip-hop/rap underground hip hop vaporwave underground rap phonk vaportrap NYP
01/2023 With the Power of Friendship! short — digital mnstr
experimental hip-hop/rap ambient trap beat tape experimental hip-hop NYP
01/2023 B-SIDES // FRAGMENTS ☆ — dead disk drive
electronic ambient instrumental soundtrack vaporwave synth NYP similar
01/2023 caiman ☆ — vhs midnight style
electronic experimental indie vaporwave chillwave hyperpop similar
01/2023 Virtual Vault — golden gush
electronic experimental experimental electronic trap synthwave vaporwave
01/2023 Demon Eyez track — darkxic spikegodd ahsomealex
hip-hop/rap psychedelic trap underground hip hop cloud rap vaportrap NYP
01/2023 Labyrinth of the Damned — orpheus adams
electronic vaporwave acid breakcore drum and bass future funk [CC BY-SA]
01/2023 ⓕ​๏​ŕ​𝐮​𝐌 1​0​➀ — dayton palmsbad
experimental ambient vaporwave abstract slushwave vaportrap NYP
01/2023 *:・゚✧*:・゚2K22 *:・゚✧*:・゚ — 「 palmtrees 」
hip-hop/rap trap chillwave hip hop instrumentals retro vaportrap
01/2023 DO NOT SLEEP!! — ctyznbad
hip-hop/rap lo-fi trap vaporwave experiemental future
01/2023 DECADE IN BASEDWORLD — sensei sayakabad
hip-hop/rap vaporwave r&b drill vaportrap trill [CC BY]
12/2022 Death Triangle track — tvangst
experimental hip hop rap vaporwave drum and bass vaportrap NYP
12/2022 STARTING UP (SAD) - Prod. by LaFaceBae track — boseby
electronic hip hop vaporwave grime cloud rap vgm
12/2022 VAPORS-XII — blanknam3dbad
electronic house synthwave vaporwave edm vaportrap [CC BY-SA] NYP
12/2022 ⓕ๏ŕ𝐮𝐌 10➀ — dayton palmsbad
experimental ambient vaporwave slushwave vaportrap NYP
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