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02/2023 ORNAMENT & CRIMEornament crime
experimental noise harsh noise free improvisation percussion trash
01/2023 En Vivo TigreRock Fest (2022)project 131
metal heavy metal trash
01/2023 Cexploix
electronic dance breakcore speedcore hardcore techno trash NYP
01/2023 CS980 Tactical Operations Manual surgeryhead
electronic ambient electro synthwave synth horror
01/2023 Longest Day Of The Year dari bay
rock pop lo-fi indie rock shoegaze alt-country similar
01/2023 Mars Argo Is Dead short — chiang mai rocks
rock rap grunge trash
01/2023 Demo 1warmth
punk hardcore harsh noise hardcore punk low-fi trash NYP
01/2023 Broadcast Zerohallucinogenic bulb
experimental noise comedy trash humor garbage [CC BY] NYP
01/2023 worst beats vol. 1rémineurbad
electronic hip hop rap beats minimal hip hop instrumentals NYP
01/2023 2.0 (Remastered)those bloody arms
punk metal hardcore trash hxc [CC BY-ND] NYP
01/2023 Demolitionjdbs
rock punk garage trash slime NYP
01/2023 MUTATE MUTILATE in Finland september 2005mutate mutilate
experimental noise improvisation free jazz weird no wave NYP
01/2023 Despensa "El Dinosaurio" short — no-fi
experimental ambient pop noise acoustic soul NYP
01/2023 Split with Steven Seagal (Full) link #2 short — last action
experimental noise lo-fi harsh noise grindcore noisecore
01/2023 Live Cave 001bunnybuilded jemenos soleillourdes
electronic techno noise electro trash NYP
01/2023 Helicoptero for exporttrain simulator
experimental trash
01/2023 Reification Blues link #2 white skull death snakes of death
alternative punk new wave garage rock post-hardcore garage punk
01/2023 Air Organ Delay track — mr. murphy
experimental drum & bass trash avante garde NYP
01/2023 (i wanna be) Loved By You short — trash rocket
alternative punk pop glam trash
01/2023 Split EP short — kulan gath
metal hardcore trash beatdown uk hardcore
01/2023 Countrycirrostratus
alternative indie folk lo-fi indie rock indie folk NYP
01/2023 EFFEKTGERÄTE-WAHNSINNwolfgang retrybad
electronic experimental rock metal noise synth NYP
01/2023 War Is The New Black short — fall of blind society
metal hardcore trash modern NYP
01/2023 Hors 2 œuvres short — stick
hip-hop/rap hip hop trash rap français NYP
01/2023 Amazing Worldlk
experimental lo-fi breakcore trash shit
12/2022 BASS CLARINET and GONG track — adam murphy
experimental drum & bass trash avante garde bass clarinet NYP
12/2022 Amplified BC track — mr. murphy
experimental drum & bass trash avante garde NYP
12/2022 the best of 2022 (August - December)silver mac
electronic trap harsh noise field recordings trash NYP
12/2022 X-mas Dumpy Bass track — noizzerbad
experimental trash diverse NYP
12/2022 Luna track — ikosevetabad
electronic trash
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