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08/2022 for Hollywood?last actbad
ambient electronic pop industrial alternative synthpop
08/2022 no samples this time short — uggy
boom bap hip-hop/rap instrumental hip-hop samples beat tape synths
08/2022 S.Y.O.C.JULESbad
techno industrial dream pop hip-hop/rap soundscape r&b
08/2022 Summer SubtractorBGGB
experimental synths accordion fingerstyle guitar [CC BY-SA]
08/2022 The Mute Florist EPOlliver Tall
indie indie rock alternative synths solo artist
08/2022 Solo 4Marq Montero
electronic instrumental electronica synth saxophone synths
08/2022 Razorwire track — Neon Highway
electronic electro post-punk synthwave synth retrowave
08/2022 8Nicolas Rabaeusbad
soundtrack piano film music violin synths cello
08/2022 Random Sketches EP (Alisa 1377 synth and the Ritmobox drumsynth)Altavox
ambient electronic techno electronica electro synthwave
08/2022 VLEl Santos
ambient noise ambient synths minimalistic glich
08/2022 d i m e n s i o n // p e r s p e c t i v eBrown Calvin
experimental jazz samples meditative synths found sounds
08/2022 Weird TalesNetwork 23
ambient electronic electronica ambient electronic synths [CC BY-SA]
08/2022 Crazy Blue Shoes track — Andy Cotterillbad
ambient instrumental singer-songwriter alternative trip hop synths
08/2022 July 2022 Electronic IdeasAndy Cotterillbad
ambient electronic instrumental singer-songwriter alternative retro
08/2022 VCOMax Faraon - EXPF
experimental avant-garde abstract space noise ambient synths
08/2022 S/ynthAware 01 CompilationABG, researchintospeed, ShannenGeorgiaPetersen, Synthetic Children
electronic electronica electro synthwave synths drum machines
08/2022 H.E.L.E.N.E-dipti-X
ambient electronic electronica synthpop new age synths
07/2022 ØNEDrøwne
ambient electronic experimental drone guitar idm
07/2022 (ENDE398) Hyperex Machina - Mechanisms IVENDE Recordsbad
ambient noise electronic dark ambient breakcore acid techno
07/2022 Oozy MemoryMamifèrmarin
electronic dance drum and bass love synths
07/2022 VINTAGE MADNESS 2.0Henk Pablo
house dance soundtrack deep house 80s edm
07/2022 Summer WaveYORU 夜
electronic synthwave synthpop retrowave 80s synths
07/2022 Contium & Flagelo - Uno short — Contium Flagelo
ambient electronic techno experimental bass dub techno
07/2022 Summer WavesMinor Delays
experimental drone rock psychedelic minimal synths
07/2022 Torqueda VarenkorLudovic Zussybad
instrumental soundtrack classical progressive rock synth synths
07/2022 Music for long nightsSnupps Synth Channel (Willsopp)
ambient drone chill soundscape new age drone ambient
07/2022 Underhand track — hovermanbad
electronic idm synths snd synths n drums [CC BY]
07/2022 Eyes Under The Pond short — Thréne
ambient dark ambient soundtrack synth darkwave dungeon synth
07/2022 PORTAMENTO short — The House Of The Jealous Lovers
rock post-punk shoegaze post-rock synthwave synthpop
07/2022 Personas En Si I short — Joebad
ambient noise electronic techno industrial experimental electronic
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