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08/2022 Deeds of Violence (BETA/SKETCH)Jason Barlow
experimental industrial alternative homemade strange soundtrack music
08/2022 Is This Love?The English Muffinsbad
instrumental rock alternative blues comedy strange
08/2022 PIM:R OST Chapter 1 & 2 (So Far) short — TheEpicSodaman
experimental synth weird retro epic ost [CC BY]
08/2022 BLUE track — monotraum
electronic experimental pop experimental electronic ambient electronic blues
07/2022 gOD With Lowercase g (reuploaded)TheEpicSodaman
experimental weird epic strange [CC BY]
07/2022 Lux And Ivy Dig VoodooJunk Shop Gurubad
alternative trance rockabilly strange voodoo
07/2022 ForagingElk Duelington
electronic experimental minimal glitch outsider strange
07/2022 The Madness of Elias KleinCaden L Welborn
indie electronic soundtrack dark cinematic orchestral
07/2022 Common Grounds 🟊🟊 — The Hardy Tree
ambient electronic electronica folk synths analogue
07/2022 With Courtesy Of HateShird Leopartbad
ambient electronic experimental post-punk avant-garde improv
07/2022 Please. Leave.Elk Duelington
electronic experimental minimal outsider strange
07/2022 Novelle 888: Zeitschrift für SeltsamkeitsforschungPrögressorbad
experimental avant-garde weird ost strange bizarro
07/2022 FailmanPrögressorbad
experimental avant-garde weird strange bizarro
07/2022 Your Mistakes short — SmokeTunes/AnimationJ
electronic weird strange bad
07/2022 If Peakcraft had a ost short — SmokeTunes/AnimationJ
electronic weird strange bad minecraft
07/2022 To Not Joining A Cult Tonight short — Alexander Smithbad
ambient noise rock shoegaze doom metal weird
07/2022 EP 2022 short — Simon porter
indie electronic rock alternative alternative rock gothic rock
07/2022 LOOPS 3 🟊 JAlfRaMusic
classical world new age horror traditional film score [CC BY-NC-ND]
07/2022 Cross Entropy Lost track — The Wizards of Vomitbad
indie experimental rock lo-fi alternative alternative rock
07/2022 Be Holding No BodiesBig Scary Indian
noise experimental alternative avant-garde classical experimental rock
07/2022 MetamorphosisSissie D
alternative rock acoustic guitar spiritual love strange
06/2022 Rangers short — Tim Rurkowski
ambient experimental soundtrack orchestral strange driving
06/2022 TraversiaTim Rurkowski
ambient experimental soundtrack piano orchestral strange
06/2022 Sorry BusinessMLK-ULTRA
ambient experimental drone space rock diy wonky
06/2022 SHIZUKUChisa Suetsugu
pop electro female vocals strange harmonica japanese pop
06/2022 つぼみ達Chisa Suetsugu
pop electro female vocals j-pop strange harmonica
06/2022 Everything Until Now - Stage 1The Traveler
ambient ambience strange 1940s unexpected
06/2022 strangers track — motuobad
ambient drone dark ambient strange
06/2022 KitschRidgewell
experimental beats soundtrack hip hop rap weird
06/2022 Gong EPStrange Mammals of Doom
ambient noise experimental sound art strange progressive country
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