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sound art
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12/2022 Parasite31 — ¡goh lee kwang?bad
experimental alternative rock experimental electronic post-rock avant-garde electronic music
12/2022 The human brain — dellofueeguaabad
experimental ambient noise avant-garde piano guitar NYP
12/2022 Startups by CITYTRONIX — citytronix
electronic experimental ambient pop electronica sound art [CC BY-ND]
12/2022 es juckt, brennt, tut weh in meinem auge track — schrank_produktbad
experimental hip-hop/rap noise improvisation sound art NYP
12/2022 Gotham golden twins — buffalomckee
experimental noise lo-fi avant-garde sound art
12/2022 3011(2) — soundctuary cappaduffbad
experimental acoustic sound art field recordings soundscapes sounds
12/2022 Wh□te C□bed M□sic — christian mayhembad
electronic experimental ambient drone avant-garde soundscape
12/2022 New Record, Last Record link #2 — zemekky
experimental ambient noise drone sound art collage NYP
12/2022 Sí (single) short — pablo serrbad
experimental noise improvisation sound art
12/2022 Dronearium 5 ☆ — mike benoit
experimental ambient drone dark ambient ambient electronic sound art
12/2022 FakeWinter — ¡goh lee kwang!bad
experimental alternative rock experimental electronic post-rock sound art musique concrete
12/2022 Götzen-Dämmerung — ¡goh lee kwang!bad
electronic experimental noise drone alternative rock experimental electronic
12/2022 粒子より軌道に魅せられ — haraen
experimental ambient improvisation sound art musique concrete cassette tape
12/2022 blondie - thanks for sharing — andy heck boyd
experimental lo-fi sound art
12/2022 radioworks_vol.02 — meiraasher
experimental noise electroacoustic sound art
12/2022 Date Of Freedom short — ellsworth ranlph
soundtrack sound art sound collage
12/2022 INSELAFFE ★★ — andrew liles
experimental ambient drone avant-garde sound art experimental metal
12/2022 Twelve - Twelve - Twelve — money for your whale
electronic experimental improvisation soundscape sound art free jazz
12/2022 Infierno verbal — r e n
experimental soundscape sound art NYP
12/2022 freeculture.api(compilationA) — freeculture.api
electronic experimental ambient vaporwave sound art plunderphonics
12/2022 White Sands — blush to the snow
experimental ambient drone dark ambient atmospheric meditation
12/2022 fever dream four — mykel boyd
experimental sound art
12/2022 Gauze — graeme hopper.
electronic experimental ambient jazz drone classical NYP
12/2022 Dream Triptych — blush to the snow
electronic experimental ambient drone downtempo idm
12/2022 High Flavors ★ — max kutner
experimental drone avant-garde improvisation sound art experimental rock
12/2022 "TLM presents..." Vol.2: To Be Discontinued ☆ — various artists
electronic experimental ambient noise drone avant-garde
12/2022 Appendix: Spring Is Late In Coming ☆ — u/nu
experimental noise avant-garde improvisation sound art experimental rock
12/2022 Liquified Sky ☆ — various artists
electronic experimental ambient sound art minimalism microsound
12/2022 Same Room, Another Day ★★☆ — mhz
electronic experimental ambient drone sound art minimalism
12/2022 The Broken Heart of Man ☆ — the lonely bell
experimental noise drone dark ambient sound art field recordings
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