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01/2023 Demo 2023 short — littered with arrows
metal hardcore noise rock sludge crust blackened hardcore NYP
01/2023 GREASE BALLgowrsh
metal grindcore diy noise rock comedy sludge
01/2023 JONESTOWN KIDSjonestown kids
punk hardcore sludge noisecore powerviolence grind NYP
01/2023 STINK STINKstinkratbad
electronic experimental drone black metal doom sludge NYP
01/2023 Promo 2023 short — subterrania
rock noise rock sludge
01/2023 Discussions on Existentialism link #2 link #3barabbas, du förtappade
alternative punk indie hardcore emo sludge
01/2023 Blissdripwire
metal metalcore sludge deathcore
01/2023 Cendre cerbère
metal drone psychedelic black metal doom sludge NYP
01/2023 Apokalypsistrespasser
metal black metal hardcore punk doom metal sludge melodic black metal
01/2023 Doomed To Deathraw and extreme records
metal death metal underground doom metal sludge stoner NYP
01/2023 Wraspwrasp
metal doom doom metal sludge post-metal heavy
01/2023 Mantra Monolithseer of the void
rock doom sludge stoner heavy occult
01/2023 Numeric Hands "Revised Acoustic Memories"oahk
experimental folk noise acoustic singer-songwriter post-rock
01/2023 Monarch ★★☆raum kingdom
metal post-rock doom sludge post-metal screamo similar
01/2023 LOVE GANG - Meanstreak ★☆heavy psych sounds records
rock psychedelic rock rock & roll sludge stoner rock and roll similar
01/2023 Dahtrinaeun | xxiiimyaelin
experimental noise psychedelic black metal doom doom metal NYP
01/2023 Music for Adult short JMUSIC FOR YOU
instrumental sludge indietronica slow [CC BY-NC-ND]
01/2023 Obtuse73 libra
rock hard rock sludge stoner rock groove heavy rock
01/2023 Live Session Estudio 3comarca
rock heavy metal sludge stoner rock stoner
01/2023 Dismantle (split w Dosis Letalis)disposal unit
experimental noise industrial power electronics sludge industrial metal NYP
01/2023 Into Solar Abyss ★☆astral moon
metal heavy metal doom sludge space rock gothic metal
01/2023 Infierire Sul Malessere link #2 link #3michael khill
alternative punk metal noise hardcore post-rock NYP
01/2023 Baladinha da Ang​ú​stia short — niilibad
experimental noise indie rock black metal grindcore noise rock
01/2023 Ambàsciathe visceral madness condition
metal sludge stoner rock sludge metal stoner doom
01/2023 INFINIvladkon
experimental ambient noise drone dark ambient cinematic [CC BY-ND] NYP
01/2023 noise demo jan 22 2023 track — kovalchika
alternative noise sludge [CC BY-SA] NYP
01/2023 vrsn - II [LP](2023)krsbad
experimental ambient hardcore sludge post-metal djent NYP
01/2023 Blessed Woundsoathless one
experimental noise dark ambient black metal doom sludge NYP
01/2023 Demo 2023predission
rock punk metal hardcore progressive hard rock NYP
01/2023 Monochromesnaum
experimental metal drone industrial experimental electronic ambient electronic NYP
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