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06/2023 Cascading Geometry short — rory coughlin
ambient psychedelic post-rock meditation drone ambient
06/2023 Abstraction Instrumentals (BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVEsituational comedybad
experimental rock indie instrumental indie rock psychedelic
06/2023 Abyssal amaranth_todd
electronic experimental psychedelic experimental electronic idm glitch
06/2023 COPEscore
electronic experimental ambient acoustic psychedelic
06/2023 We erA (A Tale for Dreamers and Scientists)issi noho
electronic techno electronica psychedelic dance idm
06/2023 something new, something old black (w)hole
experimental rock noise drone psychedelic improv
06/2023 oobs Rxarmando perez
electronic rock alternative psychedelic singer-songwriter latin
06/2023 Bogi Boogie #1 EP (24bit HD) B.A.B.A. Records short — cohuna beatz vs christian koessler bunter hund
electronic psychedelic funk downtempo tech house techno and variations
06/2023 Proverbial Sludge EP 10awfulmothbad
electronic experimental rock house lo-fi psychedelic NYP
06/2023 Brouillard de Fantômes (preview & preorder)llamame la muerte
rock punk psychedelic diy noise rock [CC BY-SA]
06/2023 Før lyset forsvinder ★★elevatorfører
rock psychedelic folk rock psychedelic rock psychedelic pop danish similar
06/2023 Slipping Indifferencemark crowley
electronic rock alternative indie psychedelic psychedelic rock NYP
06/2023 Other Side...guitar clam
psychedelic funk blues r&b r&b/soul NYP
06/2023 Dawn of Darknessolder sun (unreleased)
rock psychedelic blues heavy rock
05/2023 Song to the Siren short — twilight fields
alternative indie rock psychedelic post-rock progressive rock NYP
05/2023 Gitti Gittithe flawnts
rock jazz psychedelic soul live improvised NYP
05/2023 Sluggish (EP)the flawnts
rock jazz psychedelic soul live improvised NYP
05/2023 ❂ANGELDUST VAPOR VOL 1❂cosmepakbad
electronic experimental ambient psychedelic vaporwave plunderphonics
05/2023 广州乐器展码头组
experimental noise psychedelic improvisation
05/2023 Floating Ennuigage winslow
electronic experimental rock ambient noise psychedelic
05/2023 Overthinking/Feelings for You short — peach hat
experimental rock psychedelic psychedelic rock independent 2023 NYP
05/2023 St. Croixgerald prokopbad
electronic rock folk psychedelic shoegaze grunge NYP
05/2023 Dark Handvegetable television
experimental ambient noise lo-fi drone psychedelic NYP
05/2023 Drone Day 2023 link #2 ensemble for sound poetry and contemporary music
experimental psychedelic sound art field recordings musique concrete compilation [CC BY-SA] NYP
05/2023 Weaver ~ link #2 link #3 ★☆jaleh negari
electronic experimental psychedelic avant-garde field recordings drums similar
05/2023 Stomachvilleincentive dry
alternative indie psychedelic post-punk noise rock
05/2023 I'm Hurt (Trentemøller Remix) track — a place to bury strangers
experimental rock punk psychedelic post-punk shoegaze
05/2023 five riverswitchlight marauderbad
electronic lo-fi jazz psychedelic synthwave dungeon synth
05/2023 Out Of The Bodylanguage of the moon
experimental psychedelic electronic music spoken word poetry experimental ambient neo-krautrock [CC BY-SA] NYP
05/2023 Ladythe flawnts
rock jazz psychedelic soul live improvised NYP
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