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07/2022 BunkerCharles Sangnoir
alternative stoner rock psych blues rock rock n roll
07/2022 For The BirdsNeighbor Lady
rock psychedelic indie rock psych dreamy western
06/2022 Sum Of MoreSolitary Friends
indie alternative pop indie pop garage garage rock
06/2022 Prosaic TurbulenceThe Telephones
rock psych
06/2022 The Essential Asha PuthliAsha Puthli
rock pop jazz soul disco psych
06/2022 NATIVO VA VOL 1.Roliva, Prince Terrible, Fausto, Chinosynth, Velax, Technicism, Sixtoagusto, Aguayo
techno electronic disco ebm psych indie dance
06/2022 Collection ParticulièreOmertà
experimental electronic psych weird poetry dream
06/2022 Living the DreamDream Machine
alternative rock indie rock synthpop garage rock psych
06/2022 Now it's Only YouAsh de Neef
experimental jazz acoustic world world music psych
06/2022 The Sound Of SoundPaper Lips
alternative rock folk garage psych 60s
06/2022 Sounds of Lecak Vol. 1 🟊 — Kribo Records
psychedelic funk psych molam psych funk luk thung
05/2022 Niagara 50th Anniversary Edition BoxsetNiagara
jazz funk soul world psych afro
05/2022 Love AlwaysWILD WILD WETS
rock psychedelic post-punk garage psychedelic rock psych
05/2022 Abandoned ChildrenDead Waves
rock folk indie rock post-rock noise rock psych
05/2022 TenebristAidan Baker
alternative ambient experimental electronic post-rock doom
05/2022 Midnight EmpireHoly Island
alternative ambient experimental electronic indie pop post-rock
05/2022 Upward / Charlie ButlerUpward Charlie Butler
alternative drone ambient experimental electronic instrumental
05/2022 super 45 t.Sinaïve
alternative indie pop alternative rock indie folk diy psych
05/2022 Abby GogoAbby Gogo
indie rock psychedelic shoegaze psychedelic rock psych
05/2022 DISMANTLEThe Cromagnon Band
psychedelic jazz funk breaks cinematic psych
05/2022 Salar SalmanAfrobotic Musicology
rock jazz reggae psych flamenco kurdish
05/2022 Things Are Getting Stranger On The Shore 🟊 — Mordecai Smyth
rock pop psychedelic psychedelic rock psych prog
05/2022 Cities of MarsCities of Mars
metal psychedelic post-rock acoustic doom psychedelic rock
05/2022 Rimorso 🟊 — Mai Mai Mai
noise ambient experimental industrial post-punk psych
05/2022 Sudden GardenPhysarum
indie punk rock pop psychedelic lo-fi
05/2022 Sudden GardenPhysarum
indie punk rock pop psychedelic lo-fi
05/2022 Fogou short — The Clairvoyants
experimental psychedelic indie pop post-punk shoegaze post-rock
05/2022 MigenteFermi
indie rock pop folk psych mediterranean
05/2022 AmbrosiaArbiter
rock psychedelic doom doom metal psychedelic rock stoner rock
05/2022 Demo 2022Meifu
ambient experimental doom sludge psych stoner
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