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03/2023 S/Tdonald mortem
metal grindcore powerviolence
03/2023 Samboiled tongue
metal grindcore noisecore powerviolence grind noisegrind NYP
03/2023 Happy Grimes EP short — psychotic gurus
punk grindcore hardcore punk powerviolence NYP
03/2023 209 DWEEBVIOLENCE short — the missing needle
punk powerviolence NYP
03/2023 Protesting Is G*y short — defenders of the moe
metal noise grindcore powerviolence fastcore thrashcore NYP
03/2023 Bothellgd_fkr
experimental grindcore powerviolence mathcore nintendocore
03/2023 Gefahrenbremsung richtig durchführen short — xfahrschulex
punk grindcore powerviolence goregrind d-beat NYP
punk noise grindcore doom powerviolence crust [CC BY-NC] NYP
03/2023 What They Teachyouth dispute
punk hardcore powerviolence two-piece
03/2023 30 SECONDS TO HELL short — dysentery
punk powerviolence fast NYP
03/2023 Disaffectdisaffect
punk hardcore grindcore diy hardcore punk powerviolence
03/2023 Split (2023)СРАНЪ göttlichesuchtbad
punk harsh noise grindcore noisecore powerviolence noisegrind NYP
03/2023 El Milagro del Mayor Dolor short — libranos del mal
metal black metal grindcore hardcore punk powerviolence goregrind NYP
03/2023 Sady Dr. Milady Horákové (demo)sorry for your loss
experimental metal noise death metal grindcore powerviolence NYP
03/2023 Communiqué short — walker, texas power ranger
punk grindcore powerviolence screamo emoviolence
03/2023 split short — dogshit/postmortem defecation
experimental punk drone harsh noise grindcore drone ambient
03/2023 Los Crustáceos / No Comply ‎– Split 2022los crustáceos
punk powerviolence
03/2023 The Night Porter / Wormhead - Split (PR #172)puzzle recordsbad
punk drone harsh noise hardcore punk harsh noise wall powerviolence
03/2023 CATGIRL GRAV3YARDeroneko
metal death metal grindcore powerviolence noisegrind NYP
03/2023 Misantropie Nabij link #2 link #3verpest
rock punk death metal vaporwave grindcore hardcore punk NYP
03/2023 CLUCKINkevin convery
experimental hardcore doom sludge powerviolence grind NYP
03/2023 Why is this happening to you? link #2fotbal
experimental alternative punk noise post-punk shoegaze
03/2023 PilzeFressenFelsen - Split mit Sedem Minút
punk noise powerviolence grind deutschrap NYP
03/2023 DEMO short — shell shock
punk metal hardcore hardcore punk powerviolence punk hardcore NYP
03/2023 S/Tcomando
experimental punk grindcore powerviolence anti-music grindviolence
03/2023 DEMO 2018 link #2 short kowloon ghost syndicate
punk hardcore punk rock hardcore punk powerviolence emoviolence NYP similar
03/2023 No Hoperaw peace
punk grindcore hardcore punk powerviolence NYP
03/2023 Release The Crows short — tense reaction
punk grindcore hardcore punk powerviolence NYP
03/2023 Split short — visions of war/simbiose
punk grindcore hardcore punk powerviolence crust d-beat
03/2023 The Throes of Which I Reap short — braineater
metal hardcore black metal death metal grindcore thrash metal NYP
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