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08/2022 Ready 4 Liftoff — Mech Bank
ambient electronic experimental lo-fi house vaporwave
08/2022 p o n d e r — Space Invapors
ambient electronic synthwave vaporwave lofi hiphop post-vaporwave
08/2022 Spread Myself Thin (single) short — ceramic
electronic vaporwave synthpop space love post-vaporwave
electronic experimental instrumental lo-fi beats downtempo
08/2022 Soulacoaster Tycoon is Dead — Soulacoaster Tycoon
experimental darkwave spiritual post-vaporwave dance-pop illbient
08/2022 Validation Matthew Christ — Manic Carbon
pop experimental pop rap & hip-hop psychedelic pop post-vaporwave alternative rap
08/2022 Everdream — Agape Horizons
ambient techno electronic downtempo vaporwave new age
08/2022 decoy⁕ — decoy
hip-hop/rap producer cloud rap post-vaporwave crushed trap
08/2022 The Tape short — Veggie not Feggie
experimental experimental electronic deep house post-vaporwave vaportrap trap beats [CC BY-SA]
08/2022 Zeitgeist — replicah
ambient electronic indie pop vaporwave post-industrial post-vaporwave
08/2022 Orbita: リミックス — Vesperi
ambient electronic synthwave vaporwave chill post-vaporwave [CC BY]
08/2022 Unspecified Soft Drink: New Flavours short — Vesperi
ambient electronic synthwave vaporwave chill post-vaporwave [CC BY]
08/2022 ctrl+s short — ill be here forever, waiting
ambient electronic post-vaporwave cold chill panic
08/2022 KISSADUDE LIVE FROM THE SLABZONE — dj kissadudebad
electronic ambient electronic post-vaporwave vapor
08/2022 Orbita — Vesperi
ambient electronic synthwave vaporwave chill post-vaporwave [CC BY]
08/2022 Evening Falls (Evening Sky Remixes) — Vesperi
ambient electronic synthwave vaporwave chill post-vaporwave [CC BY]
electronic jazz chiptune video game post-vaporwave digital fusion
08/2022 Eighteen Matters — ZX Spectrogrambad
techno electronic experimental dark ambient lo-fi house [CC BY-NC]
08/2022 Cosmic Collision short — Vesperi
ambient noise electronic drone synthwave vaporwave [CC BY]
08/2022 Diamond Arrow — Pocket Mönster
ambient electronic experimental lo-fi vaporwave post-vaporwave
08/2022 PIPE WRLD — L a z u l i _ y e l l o w; BOSEBY
electronic vaporwave cloud rap post-vaporwave slushwave vaportrap
08/2022 rained out — YANKEES SUCK
ambient noise experimental dark ambient lo-fi experimental electronic
08/2022 Tabs — Zero Width Non-Joiner
experimental vaporwave post-vaporwave signalwave broken transmission
08/2022 苦しみの時代 — savant shadow
electronic experimental instrumental vaporwave chillwave plunderphonics [CC BY-NC]
08/2022 7 deadly sins — slowerpace 音楽
experimental post-vaporwave barber beats jazzwave post-vapor vaporjazz [CC BY]
08/2022 Mangled Dreams — WDE X The Microgram
ambient electronic experimental post-vaporwave dreampunk hypnogogic
08/2022 マグマストーム lp — snowpoint lounge
ambient electronic experimental instrumental beats downtempo [CC BY]
08/2022 unknown mission: confidential recordings — Belzoni
ambient electronic experimental drone dark ambient vaporwave
08/2022 ennui — Computer Wife
electronic experimental electronic dance synth trance darksynth
08/2022 Blink & You'll Miss It short — Blinker Fluid
alternative vaporwave post-vaporwave
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