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02/2023 El Huésped de los Gusanos Vagos — bmetierbad
experimental drone dark ambient harsh noise post-industrial
02/2023 Wielki Plan — axx on n
experimental post-industrial
02/2023 Time — videotape
electronic experimental alternative ambient rock instrumental
02/2023 Sounds of a World Crumbling Down — junkyard shaman
experimental ambient drone avant-garde improvisation sound art
02/2023 ORGAN ROOM — arvo zylo
ambient drone industrial dark ambient post-industrial NYP
02/2023 Larva Series 06 | CTAFAD - Dissociate | w/Subpenuma and Tommaso Nudo Remixes [BCAL06] — black chrysalis archives | record label
electronic ambient techno soundtrack deep techno deep NYP
02/2023 Dispairing zeal & fervor (A missed opportunity and a wasted effort) short — jupiter and the void
electronic experimental ambient noise drone post-industrial
02/2023 Essence of the Gathered — the bone stitchers
experimental ambient drone post-industrial
02/2023 BRINK — data nully
electronic experimental noise experimental electronic post-industrial rhythmic noise
02/2023 Iridium short — jandreau
electronic industrial idm darkwave witch house ebm NYP
02/2023 Ghosts Are Thin And Full Of Filaments — testing vault
experimental soundtrack avant-garde minimal soundscape dark
01/2023 Slowly unveiling the truth — christophe p/ eric j/ {an} eel
ambient drone industrial dark ambient post-industrial NYP
01/2023 NULL — knull
electronic experimental noise industrial post-industrial ebm NYP
01/2023 RESIDU REVOLU — khΛomΛИ ashbad
experimental dark ambient avant-garde darkwave cinematic musique concrete [CC BY-ND]
01/2023 Ominous Padmé Hoûm short — ryan sukkar
electronic techno noise electronica post-industrial
01/2023 Systemic Extermination short — borg8bad
electronic noise industrial power electronics post-industrial NYP
01/2023 Invisible BodyMusic — unsichtbare gegner
electronic techno psychedelic post-industrial ebm concrete
01/2023 Lamppuni piru track — lucidward
electronic darkwave post-industrial ebm industrial rock
01/2023 Paradise - EP — the ecstasy depressants
experimental noise drone dark ambient avant-garde harsh noise
01/2023 Voyage — nuearz
electronic electronica beats post-industrial
01/2023 White Plague Channel — time to meet the devil
electronic ambient lo-fi synth post-industrial dark electronic NYP
01/2023 Endless — acrylate
experimental dark ambient glitch sound collage post-industrial
01/2023 End of Time track — david pataconi
alternative synthwave darkwave retrowave post-industrial electronic rock
01/2023 Fatima ★★ — ruhail qaisar
experimental noise drone power electronics musique concrete field recording similar
01/2023 Free At Last — hardsoundz
ambient drone industrial dark ambient post-rock shoegaze NYP
01/2023 Look With Your Ears track — classy vampirebad
electronic instrumental electronica vaporwave witch house post-industrial
01/2023 Angel Guts: Outtakes ★★★★★ — xiu xiu
experimental drone industrial doom post-industrial goth
01/2023 The Eternal Procedures link #2 — andreas rönnquist
experimental ambient drone dark ambient avant-garde post-industrial NYP
01/2023 Psychosis OS — emperor emotionbad
electronic experimental post-industrial industrial rock digital fusion NYP
01/2023 MUMMIFIED CHILD SACRIFICE — m b u fbad
ambient drone industrial dark ambient post-industrial NYP
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