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08/2022 the tavernaro tapesthe dissonant
noise industrial alternative post-rock post-industrial post-grunge [CC BY-ND]
electronic industrial ebm post-industrial darksynth electro-industrial
08/2022 INDUSTRIAL TOOLSHEDOffensive:winter
electronic techno industrial hardcore harsh noise post-industrial
08/2022 ⁸​/​₂₉ or base​-​8 \​​035 🟊 — August of Octavia+mmxxix
ambient electronic noise experimental glitch plunderphonics
08/2022 AvoidanceAvoidance
electronic noise industrial dark ambient harsh noise atmospheric
08/2022 Machine Abuse EPMachine Abuse
electronic techno industrial electronic music ebm post-industrial
08/2022 The Ruins of a Man ForgottenGio Orlandobad
ambient noise experimental dark ambient post-punk darkwave
08/2022 Zen Hooker Kamikaze / Sado RitualsZen Hooker Kamikaze Sado Rituals
experimental industrial harsh noise harsh noise wall post-industrial death industrial
08/2022 Zen Hooker Kamikaze / Sado RitualsZen Hooker Kamikaze Sado Rituals
noise experimental harsh noise post-industrial death industrial hypnotic
08/2022 Cielito (Preview) short — Joan Hortúa Amaya
electronic noise experimental folk post-industrial fake folk
08/2022 Gently swells the sea track — Peter Heselton
drone dark ambient alternative sound art abstract post-industrial
08/2022 ≈ LIVETowar-B
electronic experimental improvisation analog post-industrial feedback
08/2022 Blue Is More Blue Than BlueOgiishi Akira
electronic shoegaze dream pop ebm djent coldwave
08/2022 sam is offlinesamlrc
electronic experimental dark ambient shoegaze breakcore drum and bass
08/2022 Here Is The Product2%/2music2bad
electronic noise experimental drone industrial dark ambient
08/2022 Vilgoć / OlionVilgoć Olion
noise experimental drone industrial field recordings field recording
electronic experimental industrial vaporwave chillwave trap
07/2022 Notre Dame de la SolitudeVallée des Larmes Sven Phalanx
ambient dark ambient post-industrial ritual death industrial dark medieval
07/2022 Frontier DaysFrontier Days
noise experimental drone industrial dark ambient downtempo
07/2022 OstserĉadoSilphium
experimental industrial dark ambient post-industrial dark ambient noise [CC BY-SA]
07/2022 Testing the rear end for stress factors short — -/Purple_Cobra\-bad
experimental psychedelic vaporwave dubstep ambient electronic psytrance
07/2022 SapiensMonKIE
electronic dark ambient trip hop idm post-industrial elektro
07/2022 Codependency and fantasia track — Alex Yan
ambient electronic experimental drone dark ambient experimental electronic
07/2022 VII DaysMvrk Hntr
electronic industrial dark ambient alternative beats shoegaze
07/2022 Aquarius short — blackcell
electronic experimental industrial ebm post-industrial synthcore
07/2022 Post-Mortem Mournerslitwoods
noise experimental industrial dark ambient post-hardcore power electronics
07/2022 Нет ВойнеDavid Wallraf
noise experimental industrial experimental electronic field recordings dub
07/2022 March on Mars (2022 Remastered)Miklós Gerdelics
ambient electronic electronica experimental electronic electronic music ambient electronic
07/2022 Fourth VisitYrii Samoilovebad
ambient electronic noise experimental psychedelic dark ambient
noise experimental industrial jazz harsh noise free jazz
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