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07/2022 Everything is Dying - or - Sounds within the Downward Spiral.Douglas C. Keith
folk lo-fi 80s diy 90s political
07/2022 Doku, Koku, Sen, Ben, BizGNZY
alternative hip hop rap lofi hiphop political
06/2022 Some Scales [Demo Version. NOT FOR RETAIL SALE]]Crocodillo
rock post-punk political indie pop rock
06/2022 PhilomeneOrit Shimoni
pop folk singer-songwriter blues indie folk female vocals
06/2022 RATS(Big/Lies/No/Hustle)DRY CHINASKI
hip hop rap hip-hop/rap political recovery [CC BY-NC]
06/2022 Zero Zip NadaZero Zip Nada
metal alternative electronic funk disco heavy metal
06/2022 Calling Lights - The Sound of an Awakening short — xname
industrial techno noise electronic experimental electronic soundtrack
06/2022 Sonic PamphletCalling Lights
soundtrack political protest collaborative activism code
06/2022 Music for Six Anthony Braxtons and Bass ClarinetYea Big
experimental post-punk hip hop electroacoustic free improvisation political [CC BY-SA]
06/2022 Talkin' Bout the Wolf (ft. The Legion of Whom)Johnathan Christian
alternative post-punk alternative rock darkwave political charity
06/2022 Aroundabout track — Ray Curenton
r&b/soul eclectic political gospel lgbt contemporary r&b
06/2022 America Ain't Got No Money No More track — Ghost Producer
drone experimental folk jazz soundtrack dub
06/2022 GHOSTSJim Woodland
acoustic political
06/2022 Priti Patel (Fly Her to the Moon) short — Maggie Thatcher's Rotting Corpse
punk jazz lounge swing political anarcho
06/2022 now is whenTake2Day Quartet
jazz political vocals philosophical jazz ensemble original songs
06/2022 A Child Is BornMark G. Meadows
jazz piano r&b contemporary jazz political urban
06/2022 The Fires of Our DiscontentJeremy Serwer
instrumental alternative rock indie rock post-rock indie folk
06/2022 Chroniques Du 7ème Sens : Nuance Schizophrénique Chap. 2 (2022)7ème Sensbad
hip-hop/rap underground independent political protest street
06/2022 After the EndJoustene Lorenz
alternative roots political alternative folk innovative electronic folk
06/2022 Résonances manifestesDevenir-ensemble
electronica experimental ambient jazz post-rock improvisation [CC BY-SA]
06/2022 Dal buio alla luce track — xname
soundtrack political protest collaborative code eye
06/2022 ZERFALLEat the Bitch
punk punk rock hardcore punk political anarcho-punk deutschpunk
06/2022 Approximation OfYea Big
experimental post-punk hip hop electroacoustic free improvisation political [CC BY-SA]
06/2022 Soap Scum short — Shh...bad
soundtrack political anti-folk gutter
06/2022 50 MOVES short — Shh...bad
soundtrack political anti-folk gutter
06/2022 Party Time track — Craig Zeal
alternative post-punk bass guitar new wave chiptune
06/2022 Cantaloupe StainsBollie Shade
pop comedy political satirical
06/2022 Keksi itsesi joka päivä uudestaan short — Lirpo
alternative noise indie pop post-punk harsh noise ebm
06/2022 Demo TapePlagöri
punk punk rock diy political anarchist radical [CC BY-ND]
06/2022 Bad Boys track — Michael Black ft. JD
hip hop rap hip-hop/rap underground political revolutionary
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