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09/2022 sound of summer burning the body short — shemar
experimental hip-hop/rap underground abstract poetry conscious
09/2022 End of Days [single] short — hallam london
alternative indie rock post-punk poetry queer shakespeare
09/2022 Day of Welcome short — robert roll
jazz spoken word poetry
09/2022 Helle Lichteruraha.
folk acoustic poetry neofolk nature poems
09/2022 Lluvia Rojae l y n o r i n
pop indie pop synthpop new wave poetry electronic pop
09/2022 Мироздание - это яrebbbb
electronic experimental hip hop hip-hop/rap experimental electronic avant-garde [CC BY]
09/2022 The First Time I Wore Hearing Aidsraymond antrobus
spoken word poetry slam poetry slam poet
09/2022 razvitańńie pt.1 short — cassettesaur
electronic ambient noise synthpop shoegaze diy [CC BY]
09/2022 Radio Warsthe cradle
devotional poetry tape homemade 4-track messing around [CC BY-NC]
09/2022 We All Pretendone cure for man
rock acoustic indie rock alternative rock pop rock power pop
09/2022 26samiir saunders
experimental hip hop rap spoken word poetry glitch hop
09/2022 Tu t'appelles commentbrieuc le meur lili frikh.
electronic ambient poetry electronics poésie littérature
09/2022 Mensaje A Las Estrellas track — pekado mcmoibad
hip hop hip-hop/rap rap underground hip hop poetry sad
09/2022 summertime bluesjalen christopher thompson
jazz blues spoken word poetry performance poetry
09/2022 Matt Nicholson (Spoken Label, August 2022)matt nicholson
spoken word poetry slam poetry
09/2022 popcorn 🟊 — various artists
experimental ambient electroacoustic poetry
09/2022 Zoo♾️zark
hip-hop/rap rap poetry astral drip
09/2022 1 POEM TITLED ANIMALS & 1 SONG TITLED DEMONS short — sad jingler
experimental punk pop lo-fi diy poetry
09/2022 Structure 🟊🟊🟊🟊 — a.j. kaufmann
experimental punk underground live poetry space rock
09/2022 In Personihcilon
electronic ambient drone soundscape poetry noise ambient
09/2022 Laepoditialucy sissy miller
ambient folk soundscapes poetry journal
09/2022 Organs & Christopher Owens EPorgans
rock post-punk spoken word experimental rock poetry krautrock
09/2022 Memorie di un muroscalzi musici silvani
alternative folk indie rock alternative rock pop rock poetry
09/2022 Inhuman Resources (CD)tom kingsley
alternative spoken word comedy poetry psychadelic
09/2022 SoHoly HeadCase - This Is Being Taped Remix - Poor Tree 2007 short — soholy headcase
experimental post-rock noise rock poetry prog rock shoegazer
09/2022 TOTAL ERRORcrazy compass
experimental alternative indie lo-fi avant-garde underground
09/2022 irises - bonus track track — st. meave
alternative spoken word poetry storytelling slow
09/2022 Moechtegernbrandstifung kuhzunft
electronic experimental noise sound art poetry free
09/2022 Fairviewalvu
instrumental acoustic singer-songwriter poetry acoustic rock unplugged
09/2022 Le dormeur du val (Arthur Rimbaud) track — dtbad
alternative funk cinematic deep poetry chanson
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