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08/2022 Containment track — Fiorina_162 韻移閲
electronica alternative alternative rock soundtrack soundscape synthesizer
08/2022 Untitled EP — Youth Erasure
hardcore metal mathcore nu-metal
08/2022 Solido(Dmo) — Screto
metal world nu-metal mundial
08/2022 La Gripe Española (Dmo) — Screto
metal world nu-metal mundo
08/2022 Ripzone Survivor — Noizinger
ambient electronic industrial soundtrack metal cyberpunk
08/2022 The Realest One Out — Z-DeezY
alternative hip-hop/rap nu-metal rap rock trap rock
08/2022 LA MONTAÑA — Noll Tolerans
08/2022 絡新婦 short — XAVAK
onu-metal visual kei
08/2022 A Testament To The Living Proof (DEMO) — Victim Of Suffering
hardcore metal hardcore punk metalcore original nu-metal
08/2022 MLOSS EP short — Noxw
electronic experimental glitch breakcore abstract cybergrind
08/2022 Ours Was A Noble Cause — Ryker's
metal death metal metalcore nu-metal beatdown heavy hardcore
08/2022 Weltschmerz — Dagger Threat
metal death metal metalcore nu-metal beatdown heavy hardcore
08/2022 VOID (EP) — Didymus Kvist
ometalcore nu-metal
08/2022 Fortress of the Forgiven — Monte Cristobad
rock punk rock metal hard rock nu-metal christian rock
08/2022 Zero Range track — Fiorina_162 韻移閲
instrumental rock electronica alternative alternative rock alternative metal
08/2022 Art Brut - EP — Cyclone Me
ambient electronic new age nu-metal scratch
08/2022 Chlorine (Trophy Eyes Piano Cover) track — RedHook
electronic rock alternative rock piano metalcore nu-metal
08/2022 Blue Is More Blue Than Blue — Ogiishi Akira
electronic shoegaze dream pop ebm djent coldwave
08/2022 Nothing Like You short — Nothing Like You
hardcore metal nu-metal beatdown
08/2022 Demosv1 — W//A
experimental instrumental grunge hard rock instrumental rock nu-metal
08/2022 Broken Path EP — Rituals Upon The Plague
metal post-hardcore metalcore nu-metal nu-metalcore
07/2022 Whole Lotta Hate — NATURAL BORN LOSERbad
odjent metalcore nu-metal extreme metal groove metal
07/2022 Graveyards EP — Husky Chesaning
ghard rock nu-metal post-grunge 2000s creed
07/2022 Why? short — Sweet Heart of a Berzerkbad
omelodic death metal nu-metal gothic metal
07/2022 Overseer track — Kian Draybad
ambient experimental cyberpunk djent metalcore alternative metal
07/2022 V I O L E N C E short — Precious Child
experimental pop industrial metal synthpop emo
07/2022 danny impulsiv - ''p o i s o n'' [☠️ ☠️ ☠️] track — danny impulsivbad
experimental hip hop rap hip-hop/rap trap cyberpunk
07/2022 NUSHOCK — Juehring
alternative rock metal heavy metal hard rock alternative metal nu-metal
07/2022 Satanic Ambivalence — Rebel Without A Coatbad
singer-songwriter indie folk hip-hop/rap alternative hip-hop nu-metal uk hip hop [CC BY-SA]
07/2022 kiss — Meishi Smile
electronic noise shoegaze metal dream pop nu-metal
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