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noise rock
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08/2022 STILL/FORM, "From the Rot Is a Gift"STILL/FORM
indie punk alternative hardcore noise rock metallic hardcore
07/2022 SplitsHELL
metal experimental black metal doom noise rock
07/2022 Hand That TakesThrowaway
rock post-punk noise rock art rock no wave avant rock
07/2022 When the Spiders CrawlJacob Faurholt
alternative indie rock lo-fi singer-songwriter dream pop noise rock
07/2022 The Real Work 🟊 — Party Dozen
alternative instrumental post-punk noise rock improvised nick cave
07/2022 Human Capital (LUNGS-227) short 🟊 — BAD BREEDING
punk hardcore noise rock political anarcho-punk anarcho
07/2022 KMTOMIkm
alternative ambient post-punk shoegaze noise rock math rock
07/2022 The Lee VariationsVinterdracul
metal black metal noise rock goth gothic gothic metal
07/2022 ŞTIU NU ŞTIU - New Sun short — HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records
rock noise psychedelic rock noise rock sludge stoner
06/2022 SociopathogenMADE OF TEETH
metal punk hardcore post-punk noise rock sludge metal
06/2022 Honest Comedy LPInfinity Land
punk rock hardcore noise rock sludge loud
06/2022 maladies EP short — regal murk
rock indie rock lo-fi post-punk indie folk noise rock
06/2022 CashNerver
punk hardcore punk noise rock sludge noise punk
punk rock noise hardcore noise rock sludge
06/2022 Equinox VigilInexorum
metal experimental black metal doom noise rock
06/2022 Things Fall Apart As They ShallNIHIL NIHIL NIHIL
punk rock post-punk noise rock deathrock
06/2022 Minaxi - LazuleenMinaxi
alternative ambient indie rock singer-songwriter shoegaze alternative rock
06/2022 LazuleenMinaxi
alternative drone techno ambient shoegaze alternative rock
06/2022 AI short — Huffduff
indie punk alternative noise post-punk punk rock
06/2022 La Jungle "Ephemeral Feast"A Tant Rêver Du Roi Records
indie alternative experimental indie rock noise rock
06/2022 The Real Sexual Jeremysexual jeremy
rock experimental post-punk noise rock experimental rock avant rock
06/2022 OPT OUTCinemartyr
metal punk rock ambient electronic industrial
06/2022 Editrix II: Editrix Goes To HellEditrix
metal rock experimental pop jazz post-punk
06/2022 ChampionFriend
metal rock doom noise rock sludge sludge metal
06/2022 EP ONEStrange Unit
rock alternative rock noise rock grunge noise pop industrial rock alternative
06/2022 The Real Sexual JeremySexual Jeremy
noise experimental noise rock experimental rock no wave jank
06/2022 Made In Bedroomsfungi girlz
metal punk alternative indie rock post-punk shoegaze
06/2022 Echoes LightlyDroopies
punk psychedelic shoegaze dream pop noise rock noise pop
05/2022 L'appel Du Vide - Abwärtsspirale short — It´s Eleven Records
indie punk post-punk new wave noise rock post-hardcore
05/2022 Black MoonGiant Killer
punk indie rock noise rock sludge post-hardcore
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