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07/2022 townships — telecom
ambient noise ethereal dystopian tape loop microcassette
06/2022 A SUMMER SOLSTICE — stefano severibad
ambient dark ambient psychedelia tapes progressive folk microcassette
04/2022 endless blue — seafloor museum
alternative ambient lo-fi ocean microcassette
02/2022 報復措置 — hofuku sochi 報復措置
electronic experimental lo-fi vaporwave future audiovisual
02/2022 報復措置 — hofuku sochi 報復措置
electronic lo-fi vaporwave future microcassette aesthetics
02/2022 Vuoto a perdere 🟊🟊🟊🟊🟊 — music for sleep
electronic experimental ambient drone meditation minimalism
01/2022 REW 🟊 — zhao cong
experimental improvisation sound art tape non music microcassette
11/2021 iangle — ripped spitbad
experimental lo-fi microcassette
10/2021 Recovery Tapes Vol.1 — dart drug
experimental noise improvisation tapes impro microcassette
08/2021 Leftoeuvres short — annabelle j thobad
rock alternative lo-fi bass diy cassette [CC BY]
07/2021 Microcassette Sessions 🟊 — michael ridge
experimental noise lo-fi drone experimental electronic minimal
04/2021 Answering Machine, Aug-Sept 98 — the main sequence stars
acoustic microcassette
03/2021 Partial Simulation — phono inputbad
electronic experimental ambient drone dark ambient cassette
03/2021 Le Vent Du Changement — wapstan
experimental noise harsh noise musique concrete microcassette reel to reel tape
02/2021 No Exist Radio° Episode VIII: The Head of Alpha Couple — così e così brigitte bardon't
electronic experimental underground piano spoken word atmospheric
02/2021 Spanish tapes short — lios costas
hip-hop/rap lo-fi rap electronic music beat tape microcassette
01/2021 meanderings iii short — café nollendorf
experimental lo-fi improvisation synth hypnagogic pop casiotone
12/2020 BOB THE BODY BUILDER short — frankie fudgepopbad
experimental noise noise rock musique concrete free improvisation cut up
12/2020 Unfolding 🟊🟊 — kurt buttigieg
experimental ambient drone sound art field recordings musique concrete
11/2020 Always NEVER — the bassman's psychedelic noise
experimental noise lo-fi harsh noise noise rock field recordings
10/2020 Microcassette Archives 1 — ariel ulyssesbad
experimental lo-fi field recordings microcassette [CC BY-SA]
10/2020 a song for a rainy day — ariel ulyssesbad
experimental ambient lo-fi drone post-rock dream pop [CC BY-SA]
10/2020 Record 2 Mouth 2 🟊 — zebra mu
experimental noise lo-fi experimental electronic sound art field recording
09/2020 4 & 5 — craig microcassette system
experimental noise field recordings drone ambient musique concrete free improvisation
09/2020 Carol, Michelle, Paul track — event
experimental ambient noise spoken word sample tape manipulation
09/2020 DEMON NAMED SYNTAX — 6 spiders
experimental noise noise rock musique concrete sound collage freeform
08/2020 Found Cassettes Volume 1 — cody brant
experimental noise sound art field recordings cassette sound collage
07/2020 dictaphone palimpsest, winter 19-20 — max wainwright
electronic experimental ambient noise lo-fi drone
07/2020 ENERGY STAR ONLINE — k.k. murder grlzz
experimental ambient tape & hypnagogic pop time
06/2020 Scorpions Field Recordings (1993) short — archeologia sonorabad
experimental field recordings field recording microcassette tape recording nastro magnetico
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