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08/2022 Resilience short — Endless Melancholy
epiano soundscape modern classical melancholic
08/2022 Summer short — Aquario
singer-songwriter alternative folk pop melancholic alt pop
08/2022 Aural Stream 🟊 — How To Disappear Completely
ambient electronic experimental instrumental drone lo-fi
08/2022 When blood turns black (demo album - raw recordings) — Corpsus
metal black metal raw black metal melancholic depressive black metal
07/2022 Unschein — Explizit Einsambad
electronic dark ambient electro darkwave gothic wave
07/2022 19 NORTH — REVERIES
ccinematic neoclassical cello melancholic moody
07/2022 Beneking: Zita in Wonderland — Carlos Márquez
Vnew age neoclassical children's music modern melancholic
07/2022 O Brother track — Ran Nir
indie folk singer-songwriter alternative indie folk freak folk
07/2022 We Meet In Reverie (UNSL019) — Hunt
pdreamy melancholic amen lush lullabies
07/2022 Call Them Twins (ft. DEX) short — Zyla Zo.
bdark weird sad fantasy vocaloid [CC BY-SA]
07/2022 For Now — Johannes Klingebiel
electronic techno house disco slow melancholic
07/2022 Sitting quietly and doing something else — John Dennis's Documents's Peacock
ambient noise alternative jazzy no wave melancholic
07/2022 Small Tombs — Ye†axa
electronic experimental lo-fi witch house dreamy melancholic
07/2022 клизма сатизма | clisma satie'sma — rigel winx
ambient soundtrack classical piano dark minimalism
07/2022 I — Lighthousebad
metal black metal death metal melancholic dark metal dark music
07/2022 Celine track — Rosa Lavenne
folk singer-songwriter acoustic indie folk dream pop independent
07/2022 Last Dance short — Improlinebad
instrumental folk acoustic piano guitar roots
07/2022 The Waltz of Liife — Khaelath
metal atmospheric progressive metal piano dark doom metal
07/2022 Third in Line — Nicole Cassandra Smit
pop alternative indie folk cinematic world music alternative pop
07/2022 Remember track — Invadable Harmony
ambient soundtrack piano dark orchestral female vocals
07/2022 Reful Orca — Fanaa
rock indie rock alternative rock punk rock psychedelic rock pop rock
07/2022 Island J — corviform
electronic lo-fi chillout melancholic peaceful vlog [CC BY-NC-ND]
07/2022 Desencuentro track — Natalio Ohannabad
instrumental jazz acoustic piano melancholic nostalgic
07/2022 Silence short J — 1st Contact
ambient psychedelic rock vocal dreamy voice melancholic [CC BY-SA]
07/2022 Reverberations Of A Gloomy Summer (EP) — The Halo Trees
indie rock alternative wave melancholic
06/2022 Corpus Vitreum — Corpus Vitreum
metal atmospheric heavy metal dark atmospheric black metal melancholic
06/2022 Birdsong ft. Kameelah Waheed track — Nicole Cassandra Smit
pop alternative dance rap cinematic world music
06/2022 caespitosa — the tortoise and my hairbad
rguitar sad love melancholic protest
06/2022 about half a chromosome away from being chimpanzee HIT CH 22 — the tortoise and my hairbad
rguitar sad love melancholic protest
06/2022 For The Shivering — The Magnus Martyrs
Eacoustic guitar art rock outsider music melancholic pyschedelic folk
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