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11/2022 Two Songs 2022 Two (EP)important hairbad
electronic experimental noise harsh noise power electronics loud [CC BY-NC] NYP
11/2022 Put a Load On, Come Back Mangledparty nerves
punk dark surf loud
11/2022 hydrangea. short — damned
metal metalcore deathcore loud
11/2022 Remorse short — чайлавbad
experimental experimental electronic electronic rock dark pop loud NYP
11/2022 Summer of 2022 short — чайлавbad
experimental experimental electronic edm psytrance electronic rock dark pop NYP
11/2022 shapeshifter track — orrionnbad
experimental alternative metal hyperpop loud [CC BY-SA]
11/2022 hawksheadverticaq
electronic hardcore idm deep techno ambience loud NYP
11/2022 accidental musicleaks
alternative indie noise shoegaze bedroom pop sad NYP
11/2022 neo-smorgasbord short — 3onfire
rock vintage loud trio
11/2022 Mk1 Machine Soul: I no longer fear the reaper guarding my dreams.sigmazone
experimental rock lo-fi breaks dnb heavy
11/2022 and who will we praiseчайлавbad
experimental experimental electronic dubstep electronic rock dark pop loud NYP
11/2022 itcrank
experimental rock jazz loud feedback odd
11/2022 Know My Waysscarlet
pop power pop loud
11/2022 Amendsfarewell captain
rock indie indie rock shoegaze loud NYP
11/2022 Customary Charms track — farewell captain
rock indie indie rock shoegaze loud NYP
11/2022 III schmutzhund
rock punk diy rock & roll rock and roll thrash NYP
11/2022 Mortal Accidentshenry and the argives
rock noise post-hardcore noise rock art rock math rock NYP
11/2022 Disowned Compilation Vol. Idisowned asshole records
experimental ambient noise drone industrial glitch NYP
11/2022 i'm glad you care, no matter why EPkevin osmond
experimental rock emo remixes loud mashups [CC BY-ND] NYP
electronic dance loud uptempo terrorcore uptempo hardcore
11/2022 The Metagameformidable foe
rock funk progressive rock video game music jam band loud [CC BY-SA]
11/2022 Renegade: Live Bootleg Collection (abbr.)the dramedy
alternative rock punk hard rock grunge goth
11/2022 Our Islandmazu
alternative noise instrumental post-rock loud
11/2022 ecstasy and time travelcrscnt
experimental noise harsh noise noise pop space weird NYP
11/2022 VELTRO short — damned
metal metalcore deathcore loud
11/2022 Theory Five short — theoryfiction
experimental instrumental digital loud distorted
11/2022 The Harshin' Mash! short — frodoween
experimental noise drone glitch harsh noise wall loud
10/2022 Míàjar of blind flies
alternative alternative rock atmospheric dark loud
10/2022 CAT SPLIT! ^w^⚗〠ൠᴥ௵ஔ∰ጃ෴ᅘ༽໒✺ luni 『acid lemons💊🍋』
ambient noise hardcore harsh noise harsh noise wall loud NYP
10/2022 in fray of lunch
alternative bass guitar demo loud quiet
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