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01/2023 The Feedback Sutras link #2 ★★★★ — tarotplane
electronic experimental ambient drone psychedelic krautrock
01/2023 The Traveller short — ccjbad
ambient chillout new age soundscapes krautrock atmospheric rock NYP
01/2023 Flutes Dreaming — ariel kalma
ambient new age krautrock space music flute acid jazz
01/2023 Panthalassa link #2 ★★★☆ — tarotplane
electronic experimental ambient drone psychedelic dark ambient
01/2023 The Celebration Death — noixaa
experimental atmospheric experimental rock krautrock no wave
01/2023 An Endless Procession — avery strok
experimental ambient drone soundtrack avant-garde minimal
01/2023 Transfigurative Universe Design Pt. 2 — patrick r. pärk x mage...or astro-mage?
electronic experimental instrumental drone krautrock berlin school
01/2023 Volca — domax
electronic indie instrumental dark ambient beats synthpop
01/2023 Doce Espadas / Esperpento (Directo) short — medalla
rock pop indie heavy metal krautrock psych
01/2023 Scale — giles jacobs
experimental ambient instrumental downtempo krautrock braindance NYP
01/2023 Sunra Oscillations ★★ — arcane allies
ambient psychedelic synth krautrock neo-psych similar
01/2023 Today My Friend You Drunk The Venom link #2 ★★★★☆ — the drin
rock punk industrial post-punk dub krautrock
01/2023 II ☆ — pure adult
experimental post-punk noise rock krautrock no wave similar
01/2023 Rain Dance — birds
electronic experimental techno electro acid new wave
01/2023 Greatest Hits ★☆ — groupshow
experimental krautrock
01/2023 Platzwort b/w Out Of Sight — vlimmer
alternative indie industrial post-punk darkwave krautrock
01/2023 Rockstar Bebe — stoph bjornson
experimental rock disco progressive rock psychedelic rock art rock
01/2023 Stars Crossing short — comets ov cupid sidekick wave
electronic experimental psychedelic industrial post-rock synthpop NYP
01/2023 Привет, как дела? (single) short — Внутри Облака
experimental ambient psychedelic post-punk pop rock field recordings
01/2023 III (2018) link #2 — Внутри Облака
experimental ambient psychedelic post-rock minimal field recordings NYP
01/2023 CGI — david ryzalin
comedy krautrock [CC BY-SA]
01/2023 盤魔殿 Flashback 2~Disque Daemonium Live Archives 2021-2022 — various artists
experimental ambient hip hop noise industrial underground
01/2023 Witchflower — wicked minds
rock psychedelic progressive rock psychedelic rock hard rock art rock
01/2023 Ambient Fruits — jarvis probes
ambient rock drone shoegaze glitch remix
01/2023 It's Time. ☆ — owlmask
alternative psychedelic singer-songwriter ambient electronic art rock krautrock
01/2023 Everything, Vol. 2 — deaf by design
experimental ambient metal psychedelic world progressive
01/2023 Abandoned Artifacts EP — mark ellery griffiths
electronic ambient soundtrack new age krautrock cosmic NYP
01/2023 Deep Distance — star house
experimental psychedelic post-punk dub krautrock tape loops
01/2023 Fascination — doktaurr fukk and the revlatron 5000bad
rock pop folk dance experimental electronic krautrock NYP
01/2023 Anus And Ab Day — the women who do
rock pop folk dance experimental electronic krautrock NYP
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