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08/2022 BLIP/DUSK short — LU BUOY
alternative dance improv sample-based nu-jazz homemade
08/2022 State Highway 2 (2022) — The Troubled Times
noise experimental drone psychedelic post-rock improvisation
08/2022 Deeds of Violence (BETA/SKETCH) — Jason Barlow
experimental industrial alternative homemade strange soundtrack music
experimental field recording homemade birds hymn motorcycles
08/2022 まともでいたい short — ヱスケー
indie chillout hip-hop/rap homemade bedroom recordings bedroom rap
08/2022 Levaram Tudo Embora / Seja Como Eu short — Marcha Contra A Guitarra Elétrica
indie indie rock singer-songwriter alternative alternative rock acoustic
08/2022 Negentropic Diatribes (2022) — James Robinson fiffdimension
noise experimental folk spoken word poetry diy
08/2022 It's Not That Stupid — The Pond
electronic pop house electronic music folk rock homemade
08/2022 Hitter beat tape — IID
soul hip-hop/rap trap hip hop instrumentals samples homemade
08/2022 Mushroom EP — Kimawera
lo-fi beats hip hop rap hip-hop/rap relaxing
08/2022 Lazermams :\ Yawzerbolt78 short — Lazerbolt1 Mreenal Mams
experimental improv diy homemade [CC BY-SA]
08/2022 Introspect — Mal Rae
lo-fi acoustic songwriter homemade
08/2022 (demos) — Meridian
indie experimental folk lo-fi homemade bedroomer
08/2022 Colors 3!!! — Thought Posse+Terra Ora Recordings
noise experimental psychedelic electroacoustic homemade devotional
08/2022 Wind and Water track — Woodlakebad
indie indie rock rock alternative indie folk homemade [CC BY]
08/2022 Scríobhaim na amhráin sa teach (songs I wrote at home) — risteardd
rock lo-fi bedroom pop homemade [CC BY-SA]
07/2022 woe/yes short — lu buoy
alternative dance improv sample-based nu-jazz homemade
07/2022 When Todd From 3 Cubicles Down Asks to Borrow Your Stapler track — Duds
ambient electronic techno rock funk acoustic
07/2022 EOTM #7 // Parlor Rock — Luke Lowrance
indie rock rock folk indie pop alternative indie folk
07/2022 Not Leavin' My Demons (Explicit) short — hisaacbad
rock folk psychedelic punk psych homemade
07/2022 PIMP MY RIDE — Ó DubhTV
rock electronica alternative trip hop homemade australian
07/2022 XXXV — Spotless Mindbad
ambient noise electronic experimental homemade west yorkshire
07/2022 middlechildren&orphans — Zibufum
folk acoustic indie folk homemade
07/2022 XXXIV — Spotless Mindbad
ambient noise electronic experimental homemade west yorkshire
07/2022 ANTEROS suite — Emanuele Palazzi
experimental lo-fi alternative homemade
07/2022 Hebe's Cup — Nathan Sharp
psychedelic singer-songwriter lo-fi alternative bedroom pop homemade
07/2022 the things i love and why i love them — carter c
indie rock lo-fi indie pop alternative noise pop cassette
07/2022 Virgen inmaculada — Mir Etratobad
noise experimental post-rock harsh noise acoustic guitar free improvisation
07/2022 XXXIII — Spotless Mindbad
ambient noise electronic experimental homemade west yorkshire
07/2022 And now, you are free of me — The Living Seas
indie lo-fi alternative eclectic homemade
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