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gothic rock
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01/2023 A Great Height EPechoscope
rock post-punk gothic rock
01/2023 ICR101 - KARMA VOYAGE "Lights In Forgotten Places"icy cold records
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave gothic rock
01/2023 Aloneanima triste
alternative indie rock post-punk darkwave gothic rock
01/2023 Seconds To The Void – The Remixes ★☆wisborg
alternative alternative rock remix gothic remixes gothic rock similar
01/2023 Twilight link #2 link #3 ★★★☆corpus delicti
alternative rock post-punk goth gothic coldwave
01/2023 Alle Sterbenexplizit einsambad
electronic dark ambient darkwave alternative pop neoclassical gothic
01/2023 For My Witch (Single) short — glamorous bones
rock hard rock gothic rock gothic metal dark metal NYP
01/2023 Death of the Vampire the blood pact
alternative post-punk goth gothic gothic rock minimal synth NYP
01/2023 Songbookteardrops detroit
rock punk rock folk rock hard rock goth gothic rock NYP
01/2023 Bleeding IItwisted ecstasy
alternative rock punk psychedelic alternative rock post-punk
01/2023 Bastion Knightsdarvaza wave
alternative post-punk synthwave darkwave new wave electropop
01/2023 Sons of Hraudunggraphix
alternative goth gothic gothic rock
01/2023 to turn the earth link #2 the silence industry
electronic experimental alternative ambient rock indie [CC BY-SA] NYP
01/2023 Всё в Твоём имениmark kram / Гадкий утёнокbad
alternative post-punk dungeon synth gothic rock romantic love songs NYP
01/2023 Ghoul Symphonies short — disharmonium
rock synthwave gothic rock gothic metal
01/2023 Treasure Boxmercury's butterfly
experimental alternative post-punk darkwave synthesizer gothic
01/2023 W148 - Compilation "Madame Underground Club" Vol. 2wave records
alternative post-punk synthwave darkwave new wave coldwave NYP
01/2023 Last Trip short — moral straightjacket
punk indie rock post-punk gothic rock
01/2023 Inferno Compilationthe auspex
alternative post-punk dark noise rock gothic rock melancholic
01/2023 The Abyss short — ghoulworld
alternative alternative rock stoner rock stoner metal gothic rock gothic metal NYP
01/2023 Intimacy distance h
rock post-punk shoegaze darkwave coldwave gothic rock similar
01/2023 Revampneversin
metal heavy metal gothic gothic rock power metal symphonic metal
01/2023 Phoenixdark princess
rock alternative rock gothic rock alternative metal gothic metal dark rock
01/2023 WILLIAMS, EL MORIDO 2K23 short — multiples laceraciones
electronic post-punk gothic rock deathrock horror punk NYP
01/2023 Obitum Placidissimumrove monteuxbad
ambient metal black metal music neoclassical contemporary classical
01/2023 Youthfully, Truthfully Fiendishsinclair noire
alternative post-punk darkwave gothic rock
01/2023 Africa Calling short — Красный Тибет / the red tibet
folk folk rock neofolk gothic rock covers nostalgic [CC BY-NC]
01/2023 Obitum Cruciatissimum short — rove monteuxbad
ambient metal black metal classical neoclassical contemporary classical
01/2023 Dying Season ★☆burning gates
alternative post-punk synthwave darkwave gothic rock deathrock similar
01/2023 Магнитофонthe demarche
electronic lo-fi instrumental soundtrack dark ambient post-punk
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