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gothic rock
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06/2022 BaalComte Satanaël
metal industrial folk atmospheric black metal gothic rock
06/2022 ХейтспичWhite Palms
alternative rock indie electronic post-punk new wave
rock post-punk alternative rock darkwave gothic rock dark punk
06/2022 Empty HeartS [Single 2022] short — FloveR
metal pop rock gothic rock melodic rock love metal h.i.m.
06/2022 Sound Coma - EPSean J Casquedero
alternative rock soundtrack cinematic blues rock gothic rock
06/2022 Alien Mind short — Dolbania
metal industrial rock electronic dance black metal
06/2022 [uprGOLD024] The Songs Of Innocence (CD)MANN OF SEASONS
alternative post-punk synthpop ebm coldwave gothic rock
06/2022 Fragile Life track — The Last Cry
alternative post-punk alternative rock darkwave goth gothic rock
06/2022 Neues LebenIMSK | In Mr. Schmidts Kopf
instrumental punk lo-fi post-punk soundtrack shoegaze
06/2022 Memory / DisplayMovie Camera
alternative post-punk synthwave darkwave gothic rock deathrock
06/2022 Necromancer EPFear Incorporated
alternative post-punk avant-garde dark electro gothic rock deathrock
06/2022 State of GracePurple Fog Side Elsehow
industrial alternative indie electronic indie rock post-punk
06/2022 In This Year: HierophantPraises
alternative lo-fi post-punk shoegaze dream pop gothic rock
06/2022 Life At A Standstill short — Bleakness
punk post-punk punk rock hardcore punk gothic rock deathrock
06/2022 Dark Silence short — Das Projekt
rock dark gothic gothic rock
06/2022 One Last Kiss (single) track — They Die
alternative post-punk synthwave darkwave gothic rock deathrock
06/2022 Befürchtung short — In Mr. Schmidts Kopf
dark ambient instrumental punk lo-fi post-punk soundtrack
06/2022 Hole In the HeartHidden Hand
electronic post-punk darkwave gothic gothic rock gothic punk
06/2022 UnpleasantBarion
experimental electronic post-punk idm darkwave gothic [CC BY]
06/2022 Cvt My Skin track — Animal Rojo
alternative rock post-punk darkwave new wave goth
06/2022 In Love/Shifts short — San's Long Trip
experimental shoegaze dream pop gothic rock neo-psychedelia
06/2022 Hole In The HeartHidden Hand
punk electronic post-punk darkwave gothic rock gothic punk
06/2022 V.A. - Unter den BrückenV.A.
dark ambient drone experimental darkwave gothic gothic rock
06/2022 Siostry Nocy (singiel, 2022) short — Kacper Rice
alternative post-punk dark electro gothic rock gothic metal electro rock
06/2022 Black Fellflower StreamSunrise Patriot Motion
metal experimental black metal gothic rock goth rock
06/2022 DEMOS AND RARE TRACKS 1987-1989 🟊 — Rosetta Stone
alternative goth gothic rock deathrock
06/2022 HybridENSIGHT
metal heavy metal gothic gothic rock power metal symphonic metal
06/2022 Running Blood short — Black Dreams
rock gothic rock melancholic rock
06/2022 Chapel Hill track — 49 Burning Condors
rock gothic gothic rock witchy witch rock
06/2022 ICR090-S1 - EUROPEAN GHOST "White Foals" short — Icy Cold Records
alternative post-punk darkwave coldwave gothic rock electronic shoegaze
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