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09/2022 Way Awaynapavtal
electronic alternative industrial indie pop synthpop synthwave
09/2022 Unholy Blood short — winter
rock alternative indie industrial electro gothic
09/2022 Fragmentsmindivide
alternative metal black metal death metal dark gothic
09/2022 Another one about how shit it all is... (Live from the Castles)rites of hadda
punk psychedelic gothic pagan anarcho witch punk
09/2022 Gala 🟊🟊🟊 — euroshima
alternative post-punk darkwave gothic
09/2022 I Hate Myself The Most feat. Chris Harms (LORD OF THE LOST) short — chemical sweet kid
metal industrial gothic industrial metal industrial rock electro dark
09/2022 Intensity Zonegötterdämmerung
rock electro post-punk darkwave gothic deathrock
09/2022 De Noche En Las Ruinassomething obscura
rock post-punk shoegaze dream pop darkwave gothic
09/2022 Pollo Sin Cabezaa flying fish
experimental psychedelic avant-garde progressive rock soundscape spoken word
09/2022 Nobody Will Winrojinski
ambient drone dark ambient soundscape atmospheric dark
09/2022 Pomegranate - The Chant Of The Elementalsataraxia
ambient dark ambient darkwave neoclassical gothic
09/2022 Lullabies, Love Songs, and Lamentsvalentine wolfe
metal gothic cello gothic metal double bass female fronted metal
09/2022 Chamber & Piano Works - Volume 1 short — heinmiller
experimental classical piano progressive rock atmospheric gothic
09/2022 Endless Lonely (Single) track — october noir
rock metal heavy metal doom metal gothic
09/2022 Bliss - A Poem Of Lifeheinmiller
experimental classical progressive rock atmospheric gothic mellotron
09/2022 Below Stairsgabriel korb-weidenheim
experimental rock noise dark gothic
09/2022 Inertmother juno
electronic experimental industrial darkwave ebm gothic
09/2022 Good Boys Are Gone short — noirmal
electronic psychedelic gothic industrial metal dark electronic
09/2022 Szmery w sercusiksa
alternative punk singer-songwriter spoken word gothic noise pop
09/2022 Fjordnidhög
metal black metal doom gothic melodic metal black
09/2022 New Normal short 🟊🟊 — ashes fallen
rock post-punk goth gothic gothic rock goth rock
09/2022 Mein Weg (Club Edition)merry chicklit
rock alternative indie industrial electro gothic
09/2022 LAST DANCEthe seance
electronic experimental alternative dance post-punk synthpop
09/2022 Nur Staublaud23bad
alternative metal noise industrial electro gothic
09/2022 Nur Staublaud23bad
experimental noise industrial experimental electronic gothic hardcore techno
09/2022 Rose Velvet Dynasty 🟊 — mournful moon
metal dark ambient black metal dungeon synth gothic medieval
09/2022 Пепел Воспоминанийanima tempest
metal atmospheric doom doom metal gothic female vocals
09/2022 Omnipotence Of The Absolutesaviorskin
metal industrial death metal doom gothic houston tx
09/2022 Shed Skin & Silence in Machine Present: UNFOUNDshed skinbad
electronic experimental industrial avant-garde gothic
09/2022 Disruptivo short — turno
electronic gothic future garage dark music
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