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12/2022 Ride Into The Arms short — matt seignebad
alternative lo-fi indie rock fuzz psychedelic folk NYP
12/2022 FEAR short — vorrgs
rock hardcore hardcore punk garage rock fuzz fuzz rock NYP
12/2022 Here Come The Bugs (EP)johnny nameless
rock punk garage psych surf dreamy
12/2022 Swing Set Sessions Volume 2goodbye to the ground
rock indie rock fuzz 90's rock
12/2022 Ben Köylüyümhakkı bulut
folk electro funk disco funky fuzz NYP
12/2022 Live in Hebden Bridge 2013mainliner
experimental ambient drone psychedelic minimal electronic music
12/2022 Basal Gangliafusobad
rock alternative rock pop rock stoner rock stoner fuzz
11/2022 Volume Ibarbarian funeral
metal heavy metal doom metal stoner metal fuzz fantasy NYP
11/2022 singles collectionprotofrustrationbad
ambient techno noise drone psychedelic jungle NYP
11/2022 My Newt Droneprotofrustrationbad
ambient noise drone psychedelic fuzz NYP
11/2022 Live at the Kitchenette 8.19.22shid
rock punk folk folk rock psychedelic rock psych
11/2022 Fen Fen link #2 ★★☆fen fen
rock punk noise hardcore garage diy
11/2022 3x3 Live in Thornbury EP claire birchall
experimental rock indie fuzz 4-track
11/2022 igne Attım Tarlayacelal zor
folk electro fuzz vocals electric pop folk NYP
11/2022 Spider and Fly track — malnourishment
experimental alternative punk noise diy garage rock
11/2022 Bizarre Objects - I Love Russians!thee objects
experimental poetry fuzz
11/2022 Heel Demosheel
rock punk psychedelic garage fuzz
11/2022 Okido track — trans luv airlinesbad
alternative psychedelic garage fuzz japanese pop NYP
11/2022 Demonauta - Caminando en la Luna [PFR-009]planetario fuzz records
rock doom stoner rock fuzz psych rock heavy psych
11/2022 UNTITLED 02 short — slim skull and the acid slimes
experimental psychedelic industrial acid fuzz split
11/2022 Red Aura Scanner short — b-crab
experimental lo-fi synth garage fuzz
11/2022 Semaphore Railway + mintysemaphore railway minty
experimental alternative folk lo-fi fuzz NYP
11/2022 ROACH CITY CHURCHroachhunters
experimental rock instrumental alternative rock sludge stoner rock NYP
11/2022 Deafening Silence ★★☆desert wave
rock instrumental psychedelic psychedelic rock stoner rock space rock
11/2022 живьём short — оккультные практики
pop indie lo-fi stoner fuzz
11/2022 волосы track — оккультные практики
pop indie lo-fi stoner fuzz
11/2022 Le Facele face
alternative pop lo-fi fuzz NYP
11/2022 Call of The Void ★★☆void cruiser
rock alternative rock shoegaze stoner rock post-metal fuzz
rock instrumental doom metal sludge stoner rock space rock
11/2022 IIXX ★★★★cryptophaser
punk metal instrumental hardcore doom stoner rock NYP
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