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02/2023 Marc Lavoine-J'ai tout oublié(Hoteliers Edit) track — hoteliers
pop soundtrack world cinematic french
02/2023 Didier Sustrac-Zanzibar(Hoteliers Edit) track — hoteliers
electronic soundtrack world cinematic easy listening french
02/2023 Dany Brillant-La Mamma (Hoteliers Edit) track — hoteliers
electronic soundtrack world cinematic lounge french
02/2023 Yann Muller - On ne change pas (Extended mix) track — yann muller
electronic deep house remix cover french
02/2023 Jeux de Sociétélafable
pop electro electropop french duo french pop
02/2023 French Love Songslonely rose
jazz world jazz and improvised music love sad french
02/2023 Male Dans La Peau (Gay Felony 180p Edit) short — gay felony
electronic house deep house piano acid vocal
02/2023 Horizon abîmésupreme
rock folk folk rock french
02/2023 L'OPERATIONgroupe
electronic experimental alternative synthwave french slam
01/2023 Sol Zerosol zero
rock french NYP
01/2023 The Power Of Life l'exécuteur de hong kong
hip-hop/rap hip hop indie rap rap & hip-hop french
01/2023 saine occupation short — modicum cineris
alternative dream pop solo french bedroom rock [CC BY-NC]
01/2023 HADES track — h.a.l raven
electronic french french house NYP
01/2023 M. Bolivardbolivard
electronic pop funk chill disco electropop
01/2023 The Violet Clubtrio nerveux
experimental folk jazz soundtrack funk atmospheric
01/2023 Un Canadien Errant (feat. evilsonic) short — ian martyn
folk acoustic soundtrack singer-songwriter video game songwriter NYP
01/2023 French Masterworks from St. John the Divinejonathan dimmock
classical french organ
01/2023 Les lumières sombres (2023)cuyd
rock pop rock new wave french
01/2023 La Médaille track — sandor
alternative pop synthpop synthwave electropop french
01/2023 Le mépris du monde vitrail
metal black metal progressive metal post black metal french blackgaze similar
01/2023 masnämarco luparia
jazz improvised music jazz and improvised music french composition italian
01/2023 Vers Les Vers / Dizzidence Politik short — j'en ai marre
electronic pop new wave 80s french NYP
01/2023 S/NGLEimmobile/debout
experimental rock post-punk post-rock blues french
01/2023 Le Recueil (feat. Aurélie Valognes)antoine b.
pop folk acoustic singer-songwriter french
01/2023 DEMO 2.0law hause
rock pop folk french bluesy
01/2023 Little 15 EP (Everything is Political)tremosphere
experimental alternative ambient post-rock shoegaze dream pop similar
01/2023 2023fourbi
electronic experimental ambient hip hop folk lo-fi
01/2023 Origamisylvain fesson
alternative rock indie pop dream pop trip hop pop rock
01/2023 HARDBASS BEST OFbass enko
electronic french russian hardbass
01/2023 A l'ombre d'une souris EPcraies blanches
alternative indie rock garage rock poetry french
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