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07/2022 PERLES MUSICALES — Les Connivences Sonores
classical flute harp classical music
07/2022 Colin Brumby Mantra for solo flute short — Jean Penny, flute
experimental electronic music flute
07/2022 Philip Glass Serenade for solo flute — Jean Penny, flute
experimental electronic music flute
07/2022 Sitsky – Sonata for solo flute — Jean Penny, flute
experimental electronic music flute
07/2022 Total Edge Effect — TEE
rock progressive rock prog prog rock symphonic flute
07/2022 Lulling short — Naomi Perera/Adam Langley
drone ambient electronic synth experiemental improv
07/2022 Glass Stories EP short — Douglas Detrick
folk singer-songwriter banjo flute avant-folk chamber folk
07/2022 Mystic Breezes — Sherry Finzer VeeRonna Ragone
new age spoken word calm flute contemporary instrumental harp
06/2022 Songs from Raft - Live at the Horse Hospital (feat. James Hesford & Chiara Ambrosio) — Bird Radio
alternative electronic singer-songwriter minimalism flute
06/2022 Fluye y vuela — Tierra Roja
world meditation relax healing flute sound healing
06/2022 Drowning Flute / Wilson Dub short — Alpha Steppa feat. Don Fe
dub reggae roots digital flute lathe cut
06/2022 432 HZ KAILASH ORGANIC — Binod Katuwal Bansuri Flute Nepal.bad
instrumental devotional flute bansuri nepal binod katuwal
06/2022 Cloudwalker & The Ascent — Zero Ohms
drone ambient cinematic meditation space music dreamy
06/2022 Beatha — Tina Jordan Rees
folk flute irish scottish tin whistle reel
06/2022 3 Postcards from Lockdown short — Jean Penny
experimental electronic music flute
06/2022 Toru Takemitsu: Air, for solo flute track — Jean Penny
experimental acoustic electronic music electroacoustic flute
06/2022 Osho — Blue Krshna
ambient lo-fi chillout world meditation easy listening
06/2022 Voyage track — Chris Morrisbad
singer-songwriter chill r&b/soul flute bossa indie soul
06/2022 Insecta Dance Music — JANSKY
techno electronic avant-garde soundscape poetry flute
06/2022 belial LIVE! — Belial
hardcore noise experimental ambient electronics flute
06/2022 A Feather Left Behind — jimtzu
ambient acoustic world drone ambient relaxing synths [CC BY-ND]
06/2022 Kind & Kinky Zoo - Seven Noisettes track — Golden Rules
funk soul breakbeat breaks cinematic flute
06/2022 Songs from Raft — Bird Radio
alternative electronic singer-songwriter minimalism flute
06/2022 Orbit of Sound — Max Johnson Trio
experimental jazz avant-garde acoustic improvisation bass
06/2022 Edition Radulescu 4: Plasmatic Music, Vol. 1 (Mode 339) — Sam Dunscombe, Rebecca Lane, Horatiu Radulescu
drone experimental flute organ clarinet electroacoustic music
06/2022 Soothing Sounds for Aging Burnouts: Classical Flutes — Mephitick Ooze
rock noise ambient electronic classical flute
06/2022 Volume 2 — Who Cares
avant-garde improvisation classical new music violin duo
06/2022 My Shadow Leads The Way — Wilfrido Terrazas
experimental electronic acoustic improv poetry spoken word
06/2022 Satellite Static — Eco Def: Howlin' Wind Mousally
rock classical world world music flute australian
06/2022 Song Platter short — Fig JAM
folk guitar violin flute clarinet
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