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01/2023 The Sativa Experiment [Single] short — peter stubbbad
alternative folk punk industrial metal groove metal deathrock ramonescore NYP
01/2023 Twilight link #2 link #3 ★★★☆ — corpus delicti
alternative rock post-punk goth gothic coldwave
01/2023 Songs For The Cruel Aeon — blood gnosis
metal industrial black metal death metal deathrock martial industrial
01/2023 Bleeding II — twisted ecstasy
alternative rock punk psychedelic alternative rock post-punk
01/2023 to turn the earth link #2 ★ — the silence industry
electronic experimental alternative ambient rock indie [CC BY-SA] NYP
01/2023 American Pestoral short — future virgins
electronic punk post-punk synthpop power pop deathrock NYP
01/2023 Crystal Antipathies — crystal antipathies
electronic punk post-punk synthpop deathrock NYP
01/2023 The Corona Sessions — tales from the shred shed vol. one
electronic punk post-punk synthpop deathrock NYP
01/2023 Jesus Was Born in a Mobile Home [expanded edition] ★ — spike in vain
punk post-punk post-hardcore no wave deathrock similar
01/2023 Völkerdämmerung: Voices of Recrimination against CIA — völkerdämmerung
electronic punk post-punk synthpop deathrock NYP
01/2023 How Things Seem link #2 — inanis yoake
alternative industrial dark ambient post-punk darkwave new wave
01/2023 When I Die Burn Me In The Clothes Of My Youth — dawn+dusk entwined
alternative industrial dark ambient post-punk darkwave neofolk
01/2023 Immaterial Possession — immaterial possession
alternative folk psychedelic goth gothic deathrock
01/2023 WILLIAMS, EL MORIDO 2K23 short — multiples laceraciones
electronic post-punk gothic rock deathrock horror punk NYP
01/2023 “F.C.R.” b/w “BLOODSTAINS” short — only shallow
punk hardcore hardcore punk d-beat deathrock NYP
01/2023 Cadenas/Condenado [Single] short — dalias
punk post-punk deathrock dark punk NYP
01/2023 Brandon Lee EP — nobad
punk post-rock punk rock shoegaze emo grunge NYP
01/2023 Virga — sick to the back teethbad
experimental metal post-punk post-hardcore noise rock art rock
01/2023 Glimmer EP — the house flies
electronic alternative metal folk lo-fi post-punk
01/2023 Dying Season ★☆ — burning gates
alternative post-punk synthwave darkwave gothic rock deathrock similar
01/2023 The Undead Carousel ☆ — senex iv
alternative punk post-punk dark gothic deathrock similar
01/2023 Night Shade short ★☆ — vazum
alternative post-punk shoegaze goth deathrock NYP similar
01/2023 Goth from Hell — escarlatina obsessiva
alternative punk post-punk gothic deathrock
01/2023 Funeral Hues ★ — come to ruin
experimental goth deathrock trad similar
01/2023 The Devil Spoke short — academy order
punk hardcore post-punk synth new wave goth
01/2023 UnObscured 2023 Vol. 4.2 ★★☆ — obscura undead
post-punk darkwave compilation deathrock goth rock NYP similar
01/2023 FINDING_EASE — silk robe
alternative post-punk gothic deathrock NYP
01/2023 Dark Route — ghost on the highway
punk post-punk deathrock NYP
01/2023 Doctrine Of The Void — gorazde
experimental rock psychedelic post-punk avant-garde gothic NYP
01/2023 Chaos Reigns link #2 link #3 ★★☆ — aspect noir
alternative ambient punk post-punk synthwave darkwave
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