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01/2023 Demo 2023 short — littered with arrows
metal hardcore noise rock sludge crust blackened hardcore NYP
01/2023 Live At The Bread Shed [SHAG 002]corrupt vision
punk grindcore live ska crust skacore
01/2023 Our Mental Health Is Fucking Mental short — chaotic dischord
punk crust punk hardcore
01/2023 S/Tjonestown kids
metal noise post-hardcore powerviolence crust emoviolence
01/2023 Live at Taguatinga,DF (June 14 1992)swankers
punk hardcore punk crust d-beat raw punk
01/2023 Ruído de Rabianaüzō
punk hardcore crust raw crust punk
01/2023 BRVTH short — brvth
metal crust thrash grind
01/2023 Rake Me Over The Coals Tonight link #2high marks
electronic metal noise industrial post-punk doom
01/2023 Buen Destinobuen destino
alternative punk indie rock hardcore garage crust
01/2023 Discussions on Existentialism link #2 link #3barabbas, du förtappade
alternative punk indie hardcore emo sludge
01/2023 Insomnia link #2 ★★☆misantropic
punk metal hardcore hardcore punk crust hardcore metal
01/2023 An Exacting Punishment ★★uranium
metal industrial black metal death metal doom metal power electronics similar
01/2023 Demo short — disgradation
rock punk hardcore punk crust d-beat punk hardcore
01/2023 Massive Ordnance Air Blast short — .m.o.a.b.
punk noise hardcore punk crust d-beat raw punk
01/2023 Ophicvs Retro Psycho Maniak short — hamask records
punk metal black metal crust speed metal similar
01/2023 Demo short — starvation wounds
punk hardcore crust d-beat NYP
01/2023 Dødskamp short — dødskamp
punk crust blackened crust NYP
01/2023 DEMOcrude decomposition
punk hardcore punk crust crust punk gore NYP
01/2023 Distanciamontegrande
punk hardcore hardcore punk powerviolence crust NYP
01/2023 Cada Acción Cuenta link #2distante
punk hardcore hardcore punk powerviolence crust straight edge [CC BY] NYP
01/2023 Born Under Chaos short — all borders kill
punk hardcore thrash metal crust NYP
01/2023 Ukrainian Spirit Of Nightnox de morts
experimental ambient metal acoustic dark ambient black metal
01/2023 CR 042 BASTARD ROYALTY - Jonestown LP short — bastard royalty germany
punk metal hardcore crust grind d-beat [CC BY-NC] NYP
01/2023 Where Light Sleepsantichües
metal noise dark ambient black metal synth doom metal
01/2023 chanchanchotzäbäbäbä... stussunhaim
punk hardcore crust d-beat trio
01/2023 THE CAPACES - ALL THAT IS short — filferro
rock punk metal hardcore crust [CC BY-NC]
01/2023 Splitfistcuffs/unending
punk metal hardcore black metal death metal grindcore similar
01/2023 Live Split with Fentanyl Tapwaterbloat
metal grindcore sludge crust goregrind grind NYP
01/2023 Tomb Absolute link #2 ★★★☆negative vortex
metal industrial black metal death metal doom doom metal
01/2023 Znów płonie niebo (new album 2023)┼ death crusade ┼
punk metal grindcore hardcore punk crust d-beat similar
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