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08/2022 RISE!Various Artists
pop synthwave darkwave coldwave witch house post-wave
08/2022 ContemporaneitàMorgana
punk post-punk darkwave new wave coldwave deathrock [CC BY]
07/2022 D'Oro UNLMTD 03: Dual Parts - ContemptDual Parts
post-punk synthwave coldwave
07/2022 The Cross Of Stamford Hill EPSilent Star
electronic post-punk darkwave goth coldwave minimal wave
06/2022 VeilsDELTΔ KOMPLEX
electronic post-punk synthwave synthpop darkwave goth
06/2022 personal decayblind seagull
punk lo-fi post-punk new wave experimental rock coldwave
06/2022 Personal DecayBLIND SEAGULL
alternative electronic post-punk darkwave new wave coldwave
06/2022 [uprGOLD024] The Songs Of Innocence (CD)MANN OF SEASONS
alternative post-punk synthpop ebm coldwave gothic rock
06/2022 Bitter 🟊🟊 — GHUM
alternative post-punk darkwave grunge goth coldwave
06/2022 Second Seduction 🟊🟊 — Panic Priest
punk alternative electronic indie rock post-punk synthwave
06/2022 Life At A StandstillBleakness
alternative post-punk darkwave gothic coldwave deathrock
06/2022 Scene ICathedral Scene
punk post-punk new wave art rock coldwave
06/2022 Procession (Alrealon Musique)Mark Harris JOHN 3:16
drone noise ambient soundtrack coldwave occult
06/2022 Snake Milk - Darkness Mit PommesOberwave Records
electronic post-punk darkwave new wave ebm 80s
06/2022 TransnecropolitanPlague Pits
electronic industrial post-punk synthwave darkwave coldwave
06/2022 HoligarchyMASCARPONE
techno electronic industrial electro ebm coldwave
05/2022 Boris DMS SongsLudo morillon,Etienne Jaumet,Don Nino,Olivier Mellano,Dominique Petitgand,Dälek,Florent Marchet...
electronic pop electronica indie rock hip hop indie pop
05/2022 Paroles AbsurdesWhite Pain
ambient experimental industrial post-punk dub coldwave
05/2022 Altar of ShadowsVarious Artists
punk industrial post-punk darkwave gothic coldwave
alternative post-punk synthpop ebm coldwave gothic rock
drone noise electronic industrial post-punk synthpop
05/2022 MenthüllMenthüll
alternative synthwave darkwave new wave coldwave
05/2022 AliveMellano Soyoc
post-punk new wave coldwave
05/2022 SleepwalkerMidnight Passage
indie alternative industrial post-punk synthwave darkwave
05/2022 My Silent Soliloquy (Ft Sapphira Vee)Microwaved
electronic industrial coldwave gloom machine rock
05/2022 ForevermoreAm Tierpark
electronic synthpop coldwave italo hi-nrg
05/2022 Ripples From The Past (CRUNCH 228)ALYA
electronic industrial post-punk shoegaze darkwave dream pop
05/2022 Ghost Dance Acoustic Spin The WheelSkeletal Family
alternative post-punk synthwave synthpop darkwave new wave
05/2022 HumblekidsFiasko Leitmotiv
electronic post-punk shoegaze coldwave minimal synth minimal wave
05/2022 Sinister RemixesMesmer's Ghost
electronic electronica industrial coldwave industrial electronic electronic industrial
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