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06/2022 NemesisThe Heavenly Void
electronic electronica instrumental lo-fi beats hip hop
06/2022 0. "NEW PROJECT"Girlfriend Juice Records
experimental singer-songwriter post-punk chillwave diy instrumental hip-hop
06/2022 Temporary LifestylesMy Sister's Fugazi Shirt
electronic lo-fi downtempo vaporwave chillwave trip hop
06/2022 Colors of Your HeartKidswaste
electronic electronica chillout deep house chillwave
06/2022 VimanaGuilherme Martins
drone techno ambient experimental psychedelic chillwave
06/2022 W/\V≡L/\B.v1 short — DΛRTHxWΛVE
ambient experimental lo-fi experimental electronic vaporwave synthwave
05/2022 Daytona RisingSelloRekt LA Dreams
rock electronic funk soundtrack synthwave synthpop
05/2022 From Day To DayMono Han
techno ambient electronic electronica house lo-fi
05/2022 Underground RemixedPrimitive Heart
techno ambient experimental electronic pop house
05/2022 wingspan.sckdrwr
electronic electronica instrumental downtempo vaporwave synthwave
05/2022 ExodeLe Piou
hip-hop/rap chill chillwave instrumental hip-hop french rap
05/2022 My Heart Lies In LakevilleRick E Suave
alternative electronic hip-hop/rap rap acoustic soul
05/2022 sense:shifts [感覚:交代]shape/shift
electronic electronica dark ambient downtempo glitch chillwave
05/2022 Hopeful Music For Hopeless PeoplePACHICK
electronic downtempo synthwave ambient electronic chillwave
05/2022 CyberpunkSly Graves
experimental electronic vaporwave soundscape chillwave mallsoft
05/2022 GULF SPA RESORT: Volume 2Various Artists
electronic pop house vaporwave dance synthwave
05/2022 Seasoning The Sample V​.​2Mabisyo
ambient experimental electronic instrumental downtempo vaporwave
05/2022 SkywalkSkykot, Cyberwalker
electronic lo-fi vaporwave synthwave chillwave retrowave
05/2022 Stratford Ct. | Secret Selection #71-80 🟊 — Ѕtratford Ct.
electronic vaporwave synthwave chillwave chillsynth
05/2022 Galaxy Routez short — Alpha Skies
electronic vaporwave chillwave
05/2022 Cycle short — rufe snow
electronic synthwave chillwave electro rock
05/2022 人 間 の 創 造Maykretch
ambient experimental electronic downtempo vaporwave chillout
05/2022 Death Singer short — Eymbr
electronic chillwave trap chiptune djent nintendocore
05/2022 Somewhere HiddenBroken Lungs
ambient experimental electronic electronica downtempo chill
05/2022 The Utmost Respect short — fatsoh // ファッツォー
electronic pop house vaporwave dance synthwave
05/2022 wear flowers in your hairDΛRKNΣSS
ambient electronic downtempo vaporwave chillwave barber beats
05/2022 Virtual Vega 🟊 — Evertt
electronic electronica lo-fi vaporwave synthwave synth
05/2022 Fairlight short — Alt
electronic vaporwave synthwave chillwave twilight
05/2022 In Silico 🟊 — Disc System
electronic vaporwave synthwave chillwave retrowave chillsynth
05/2022 ANNIVERSARY VOL​​​.​​​9 🟊🟊 — Various Artists
electronic vaporwave chillwave plunderphonics future funk nu disco
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