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08/2022 Old Bones, New FireMiraculous Mule
alternative rock folk singer-songwriter acoustic blues
08/2022 Oh Sun Shine Downcua
acoustic world roots traditional folk
08/2022 Where It Hurts (For International Women's Day) track — Mishkin Fitzgerald, Catherine Elms, Hana Piranha, Georgia Train
singer-songwriter acoustic soul piano vocal vocals
08/2022 Great ExpectationsJames Delsono
07/2022 GestationJulz Evans
indie folk acoustic roots country cello
07/2022 JimmyUriel Bromberg
alternative pop hip hop hip-hop/rap rap acoustic
07/2022 Beatopiabeabadoobee
indie alternative acoustic
07/2022 Das Jahr, das sich um eins verschiebt short — Philipp Eisenblätter
pop singer-songwriter acoustic indie folk german
07/2022 Children of GhostsDan Petrich
folk singer-songwriter acoustic americana american primitive guitar
07/2022 Chloe KimesChloe Kimes
folk singer-songwriter acoustic americana alt-country
07/2022 Μπλαβιά συννεφιά στην ΜπελερίγαΓιώργος Ρούγκας
folk acoustic greek folk-alternative
07/2022 Right SwingWill Warden
pop folk jazz singer-songwriter acoustic orchestral
07/2022 Still Life short — andrew ferguson as siasa
rock singer-songwriter acoustic alt-country acoustic singer-songwriter
07/2022 Contemplations and other Instrumentals from the ValleyDavide Cedolin
psychedelic acoustic field recordings psych folk avant-folk fingerpicking
07/2022 Hopeless RomanticBobby Dove
folk acoustic blues americana country
06/2022 from Blue & White notebooksTom Brosseau
folk singer-songwriter acoustic roots americana
06/2022 GratitudeMad Dog Friedman
ambient psychedelic acoustic blues spoken word
06/2022 Carpe NoctemLindsay Clark
folk acoustic indie folk mellow appalachian baroque folk
06/2022 From AnywhereReverend Baron
singer-songwriter acoustic acoustic guitar singer songwriters
06/2022 Three RiversYosh Yimmy
folk acoustic americana duo
06/2022 SpacesNight Porter
acoustic piano dark female vocals jazzy dreamy
06/2022 Jubilant BlueDarling Congress
indie alternative rock folk indie rock singer-songwriter
06/2022 Everything's amazing, but then again couldn't be worseFeel Loudly
alternative indie rock lo-fi singer-songwriter acoustic emo
06/2022 Orbit of SoundMax Johnson Trio
experimental jazz avant-garde acoustic improvisation bass
06/2022 ShenandoahPalmyra
indie folk singer-songwriter acoustic folk rock americana
06/2022 From A Heritage TreeDaniel Sherrill
instrumental folk singer-songwriter acoustic indie folk guitar
06/2022 Go and See 🟊 — Soup Review
pop folk acoustic diy comedy anti-folk
06/2022 Live Album!Buddy System
folk acoustic roots fiddle
06/2022 Tail of DiffractionMinamo Asuna
ambient acoustic improv
06/2022 Little Gunpowder (compilation album)Little Gunpowder
indie punk alternative indie rock singer-songwriter acoustic
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