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03/1997 It's All Fun And Games 'Til Someone Loses An Eye (Download)the hitchers
rock punk indie NYP similar

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11/2014 Brain Into Blue Skiescherry death
rock punk pop noise lo-fi psychedelic similar
09/2014 BACK TO THE FUCK YEAH! (Available Sep 28th 2014) everything everything/ash/johnny foreigner/we are scientists/pulled apart by horses/joy formidable
pop pop punk pop rock popindie pop folk similar
12/2014 Home-Bodyjoel jasper
experimental indie indie pop dream pop spoken word rap & hip-hop similar
04/2012 Happened Beforemy wet calvin
alternative indie pop similar
01/2011 10X10:07 ★☆h.m.s ginafore iona marshall
electronic experimental alternative folk acoustic experimental electronic similar
04/2006 Zeitgeist r. stevie moore
rock gdfatherof modern homerecording similar
07/2014 Faker wooden dogs
alternative punk alternative rock garage rock noise rock garage punk NYP similar
06/2014 Loserstremolo ghosts
alternative lo-fi country anti-folk found sounds NYP similar
09/2010 Time is Never Your Friend sima cunningham
alternative folk indie rock alt-folk NYP similar
03/2014 The Other Shoe / Clip Clop Of Doom short — balloon chase team
pop indie rock indie pop low-fi similar
07/2013 Imaginary Walls Collapse (2013)adam stafford
electronic alternative instrumental avant-garde scottish similar
06/2010 Before It Ends EPthe knew
rock similar
06/2015 Bite My Nails short — cherry death
rock pop noise lo-fi psychedelic rock'n'roll similar
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