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10/2013 Great Shakes ★★★☆the grand rapids
rock drone psychedelic psychedelic rock psych rock similar

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01/2015 Volume Two ★★★☆the grease arrestor
rock drone psychedelic shoegaze diy analog similar
12/2012 Crystal Moth ★★★dead radio
alternative ambient psychedelic shoegaze psych jangle similar
08/2015 Stone Circles ★★☆the demon parade
rock indie psychedelic shoegaze psychedelic rock similar
02/2014 Droned and Rethroned ★★★the citradels
pop psychedelic folk rock psych pop neo-psychedelic NYP similar
09/2012 Lighten Up, Francis ★☆frantic chant
rock alternative indie psychedelic shoegaze scotland NYP similar
02/2016 Are They Still Here? ★★★the citradels
pop psychedelic industrial folk rock psych pop twang NYP similar
12/2020 A PRETTY FACE CAN ONLY GET YOU SO FAR track ★★the electric lazarus
punk indie rock alternative rock psychedelic rock NYP similar
04/2011 Reverberation ★★★★☆magic shoppe
alternative shoegaze similar
11/2020 CAN`T COME DOWN track ★★the electric lazarus
punk indie rock alternative rock psychedelic rock NYP similar
04/2014 Haunting The Devil EP ★☆white glow
rock indie psychedelic shoegaze noise rock NYP similar
02/2014 Uroboros (EP) ★★☆my expansive awareness
experimental psychedelic garage acid space rock psych [CC BY-ND] similar
03/2013 Sunrise ★★★black springs
pop guitars similar
10/2010 Reverb EP ★★★★magic shoppe
alternative shoegaze similar
12/2018 Something Like That the silk railroad
experimental rock psychedelic world psych psych rock NYP similar
08/2013 Our Lord's Secret Service ★★☆the citradels
pop noise psychedelic folk rock psych pop jesus NYP similar
05/2013 Peach ★★★☆secret colours
rock psychedelic psychedelic rock psychedelic pop britpop garage pop similar
07/2016 Third Whale EP ★★☆third whale
alternative psychedelic rock psych neo-psychedelia neo-psychedelic similar
06/2011 Trip Inside This House: Summer Solstice short ★★★★magic shoppe
alternative shoegaze NYP similar
03/2009 Peyote [EP] ★★★★tales of murder and dust
alternative noise drone alternative rock post-punk post-rock NYP similar
02/2016 Interstellar Car Crash E.P. ★★★★★magic shoppe
alternative shoegaze similar
06/2017 High Goodbye link #2 ★★★★★magic shoppe
alternative shoegaze dark psych fuzz hypnotic similar
06/2011 The Citradels ★☆the citradels
pop lo-fi psychedelic folk rock 60s psych pop NYP similar
04/2010 Love Me Too / Reflection short ★★★☆the spyrals
rock psychedelic garage NYP similar
05/2013 EP. 3 ★☆white glow
rock indie psychedelic shoegaze noise rock NYP similar
04/2017 Strangeways EP ★★☆driftwood pyre
rock indie rock psychedelic garage psychedelic rock garage rock similar
10/2016 Entangled And Entwined link #2 ★★★★★juleah
electronic rock alternative pop psychedelic shoegaze similar
09/2015 Some Kind Of Magic ★★☆mellow lizard
rock shoegaze psychedelic rock similar
10/2011 Candy Flu (album) ★★★☆the walking who
rock psychedelic shoegaze rock & roll psychedelic rock psychedelic pop NYP similar
06/2015 EP 2015 ★★★hidden depths
rock psychedelic rock garage rock surf rock 60s similar
08/2019 Sinalodelica flores de sinaloa
experimental rock electronica psychedelic post-rock progressive rock NYP similar
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