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10/2011 Yuck - "This One is Good" (PG004) — yuck
experimental alternative rock black metal grunge experimental rock NYP similar

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06/2009 Yuck - "Do it Yourself" (LP) (PG002) — postghost recordings
experimental alternative rock experimental rock stoner studio similar
08/2013 De Profundis — arcanegoat
metal black metal death metal grindcore doom metal thrash metal similar
10/1999 Black Visions Of Crimson Wisdom ★☆ — the hookers
rock punk metal similar
06/2014 First EP ☆ — deadly vipers
rock stoner rock stoner metal desert rock fuzz rock similar
06/2012 Grey Czar — grey czar
rock progressive rock hard rock stoner rock prog rock groove similar
07/2010 GRAND MASSIVE — grand massive
metal doom heavy metal sludge stoner rock riff rock similar
08/2013 EP — corinth
rock metal sludge post-metal riffs riff NYP similar
07/2003 Yesterdays Blood ☆ — stillborn
metal doom metal similar
09/2014 Metaphysical You — the bowling alley sound
alternative rock instrumental post-rock instrumental rock jazz and improvised music NYP similar
11/2010 The Sky Has Been Riven & Our Flesh Has Been Rent ☆ — jackal headed guard of the dead
metal instrumental doom stoner heavy slow NYP similar
12/2013 Numbers 16:31-33, Graves — of doomed morale
metal drone doom doom metal stoner regina NYP similar
03/2014 Arcas & Callisto — of doomed morale
metal drone doom doom metal stoner epic NYP similar
10/2014 Live on KUNM 89.9 ☆ — leeches of lore
rock noise experimental folk NYP similar
04/2008 Appollonia - Among Wolves — appollonia
ambient metal black metal doom sludge similar
04/2015 Pox Populi Demo — space funeral
experimental metal math rock stoner metal sludge metal NYP similar
01/2001 Inland Traveller — isolation years
alternative indie folk similar
12/2014 The North Sea (Hemlock Smith + String Quartet Live) — hemlock smith
alternative pop folk contemporary songwriting swiss NYP similar
03/2011 Thriller! ★☆ — cobra
rock metal sludge stoner southern thriller similar
11/2014 Rise of the Bastard Deities — morphosis
metal black metal death metal heavy metal doom metal similar
08/2014 It's Great Dying. [nagualhaus01] — awaas
punk drone electro post-rock goth NYP similar
02/2014 Degeneration — society
punk industrial NYP similar
12/2013 Brilliant Machine — brilliant machine
metal progressive metal stoner rock groove metal sludge rock similar
08/2014 LakshimaurMites — iltiz
metal stoner metal sludge metal oriental NYP similar
11/2005 Some Songs For Shame — true radical miracle
punk noise rock similar
06/2012 PURSUIT — herscher
noise doom similar
02/2015 Lainoland ★★★☆ — niña coyote eta chico tornado
rock punk rock & roll stoner rock similar
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