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02/2021 EP 2 ★★★☆monnier
metal grindcore NYP similar

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04/2021 Monnier link #2 ★★★★☆monnier
metal death metal grindcore extreme metal NYP similar
01/2023 Derailing the Hype Train link #2 ★★★★☆noisy neighbors
metal noise death metal grindcore powerviolence crust NYP similar
08/2018 The Blood Of The Coven Is Thicker Than Water Of The Womb ★★★★wvrm
punk metal noise hardcore death metal grindcore NYP similar
11/2020 Cognizant link #2 link #3 ★★★★★cognizant
metal noise black metal death metal grindcore hardcore punk NYP similar
01/2018 Our Due Descent ★★★☆mass grave
punk hardcore death metal crust grind d-beat NYP similar
04/2016 The Absurdity Of Humanity ★★★★mass grave
punk hardcore crust grind d-beat NYP similar
10/2017 Despair ★★★plague widow
metal death metal grindcore deathgrind blackened death metal blackened NYP similar
03/2018 CULT OF EXTERMINATION ★★★★holy grinder
metal grindcore noisecore powerviolence queer noisegrind NYP similar
06/2021 And Then There Were None short ★★barren
metal grindcore deathgrind NYP similar
10/2022 Habitual Self-Abuse ★★★★ground
punk metal hardcore grindcore powerviolence slam similar
04/2019 Mourn Innocence ★★★★☆ground
metal grindcore powerviolence slam similar
08/2019 Generation Coward ★★★★phobia
punk metal grindcore crust grind similar
09/2018 S/T ★★☆noisy neighbors
metal grindcore grind deathgrind NYP similar
07/2018 Contempt for Man ★★★☆axis of despair
metal grindcore similar
10/2019 Do You Love Anime? Pt. 1 short ★☆houkago grind time
pop punk metal death metal grindcore j-pop NYP similar
04/2021 Stillborn Nation link #2 link #3 link #4 ★★★★☆human cull
experimental punk metal noise hardcore industrial NYP similar
05/2019 Suspect ★☆insistent
metal hardcore death metal grindcore dark crust NYP similar
04/2018 Cognizant // Bad Rites short ★★★cognizant
metal black metal death metal grindcore similar
08/2022 A Collection of Self Destruction ★☆trucido
metal grindcore goregrind NYP similar
09/2019 KxAxV / KHAN SPLIT kickxassxviolence
metal death metal grindcore powerviolence goregrind mincecore NYP similar
06/2019 Condemnation of Memory short ★★★☆alphanumeric
punk grindcore crust grind NYP similar
10/2018 IMPULSEALER // demo short impulsealer
metal grindcore NYP similar
02/2019 Apprehended Dead short ★★★★heinous
punk grindcore goregrind grind whatever NYP similar
02/2022 Circles link #2 ★★★★☆days of desolation
punk metal hardcore grindcore hardcore punk powerviolence NYP similar
03/2021 Slundanoid ★★★☆slund
punk grindcore sludge powerviolence grind sludgecore NYP similar
10/2008 Ascension Into Dismal Stages ★☆hivesmasher
metal death metal grindcore thrash grind similar
11/2008 One With Filth ★★★crowpath
metal metalcore swedish death metal NYP similar
10/2021 Thralled Are Those Who Kneel short ★★barren
metal grindcore grind deathgrind similar
06/2016 Demo 2016 short tomb warden
metal hardcore death metal grindcore diy crust NYP similar
01/2011 World Delirium ★★★feastem
punk metal grindcore similar
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