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09/2014 Nightingale 🟊🟊 — Graveyard Club
indie alternative synthpop dream pop synth 80s similar

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01/2014 sleepwalk 🟊 — Graveyard Club
indie alternative dream pop 80s 50's graveyard similar
05/2010 With Friends Like You 🟊 — FRANCISCO THE MAN
pop indie rock punk shoegaze garage similar
10/2010 A Tangle of Arms EP 🟊 — NIIGHTS
ambient indie indie rock rock psychedelic indie pop similar
11/2010 Kelly Kemp & Bangers + El Morgan & The Arteries Split 7"El Morgan
punk punk rock acoustic similar
04/2015 LapseLapse
indie punk alternative shoegaze dream pop post-hardcore similar
10/2016 The Age of Lovely Intimate Things [revised edition] 🟊 — Sciflyer
indie rock psychedelic alternative shoegaze dream pop jangle pop similar
02/2014 If You Fall I'll Fall With YouEDILS RECORDINGS
indie indie rock rock electronica lo-fi indie pop similar
06/2014 Don't Get Closer // 100 Eyes short 🟊🟊 — Star Horse
rock shoegaze dream pop similar
08/2014 Maybe Ghosts LPBaby Ghosts
punk post-punk hardcore punk garage power pop budget rock similar
11/2010 My Heart is a Drummer short 🟊🟊 — Allo Darlin'
indie pop indie pop british australian similar
08/2014 Lean In To It 🟊🟊 — Allison Crutchfield
pop lo-fi punk lo-fi pop similar
01/2013 Aquarena 🟊 — Black Books
rock psychedelic alternative shoegaze dream pop psych rock similar
08/2011 Thank You Come AgainThe Sorry Shop
lo-fi alternative shoegaze dream pop britpop sorry similar
02/2007 DipL.Pierre
09/2013 Caught in a Summer Swell (Decades Records) 🟊🟊 — the band in Heaven
indie alternative shoegaze dream pop summer shitgaze similar
11/2011 Split with Apologies I Have None and Calvinball short 🟊 — Onsind
punk acoustic [CC BY-SA] similar
10/2011 Teenagers 🟊 — Tennis System
punk shoegaze noise rock similar
05/2014 Spoonboy + Colour Me Wednesday Split 🟊🟊 — Colour Me Wednesday, Spoonboy
indie pop indie rock punk feminist vegan [CC BY-SA] similar
11/1998 Citrus BitumenSpraydog
indie indie rock rock indie pop alternative shoegaze similar
02/2009 A.K. ARTMy Darling YOU!
pop similar
10/2014 SILVER CURRENTS 🟊🟊 — To The Wedding
instrumental alternative shoegaze post-rock dream pop dreamwave similar
04/2011 Underneath Tonight / Memory No. 7 (2011) short 🟊🟊 — Lowtide
alternative shoegaze dream pop guitar music moongaze [CC BY] similar
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