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04/2015 That Place By The Thing With The Cool Name ★★☆gecko turner
world soul funk reggae r&b/soul latin similar

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11/2014 Sanctuary short ★★☆dele sosimi
jazz world afrobeat similar
09/2014 No Trouble On The Mountain short ★★☆the gene dudley group
funk blues r&b/soul vinyl brass similar
08/2014 Return Of The Dig-Fu short ★☆grant phabao racecar
hip-hop/rap hip hop funk underground hip hop instrumental hip-hop boom bap similar
11/2011 Things I Like To Do / Long Time No See short ★★☆lord echo
reggae boogie afro similar
06/2015 Promises (Grant Phabao Remix) short ★★★☆monophonics
soul funk reggae similar
09/2013 The Same Thing EP ★☆art of tones
electronic house electronic music similar
06/2013 Firewalker (Grant Phabao Remix) short ★★★☆jungle fire
reggae disco latin ska afro afro-latin similar
02/2015 All Hail The Mighty Sceptres! ★★★☆the mighty sceptres
jazz soul funk r&b similar
11/2013 The Hilo Bay Halfway ★★★the gene dudley group
funk blues r&b/soul vinyl brass similar
06/2014 Deixa (Drumagick Remixes) ★☆da lata
world groove broken beat afro brasil similar
06/2011 Club Tikka 45 Vol. 6 short ★☆renegades of jazz timax
02/2013 Tokuta (Grant Phabao Remix feat. Soul Sugar) short ★★★★jungle fire
reggae ska afrobeat afrofunk afro-latin similar
09/2012 'Sunburst Radio' LP ★★★★☆daytoner
soul funk downtempo blues breaks edits similar
08/2014 Mind The Curb (Remixed & Reworked EP) kerbside collection
hip hop jazz beats funk r&b/soul remix similar
10/2000 Resense 048 short ★★★★soulbrigada
soul funk breaks r&b/soul latin similar
04/2013 The Fawcett Negotiation short ★★★☆the gene dudley group
funk blues r&b/soul vinyl brass similar
10/2014 twenty+ years rooted in jazznotjazz ★★infracom! compilations
electronic similar
11/2011 These Are The Breaks ★★☆various artists
r&b/soul similar
01/2000 Resense 027 short ★★★☆resense
soul funk breaks r&b/soul latin similar
10/2013 Luv N'Haight Edit Series Vol.6: Turner Bros. Feat. Sun Sound (Paolo Scotti) ★★☆turner bros. sun sound paolo scotti
electronic hip hop jazz funk dance beat similar
03/2015 Showdown ★★☆mocambo records
hip hop funk cinematic funky breaks similar
05/2014 IT'S THE MUSIC short ★★the mighty mocambos with afrika bambaataa charlie funk hektek deejay snoop
electro funk old school hip hop breakdance oldschool rap similar
11/2010 Once I Had a Friend / Instrumental short ★☆the baker brothers
soul funk r&b/soul cover modern soul NYP similar
03/2009 The 1-2-3s / See And Don't See short ★★★☆dojo cuts
soul funk r&b/soul similar
01/2013 Edits short ★★★voodoocuts
funk breaks latin free mashup edits NYP similar
02/2015 Bad For Me ★★★★bosq nicole willis
electronic house dance afrobeat similar
01/2015 Sanctuary (Titeknots Remix) ★★★dele sosimi
jazz world afrobeat NYP similar
01/2005 Afro Beats ★☆comet compilations
alternative afrobeat africa african music afrofunk similar
03/2013 Juice vol.1 ★★★★voodoocuts
funk breaks latin mashup edits jazz-funk similar
01/2000 Resense 029 short ★★★resense
soul funk breaks r&b/soul latin similar
02/2015 Cranes and Carpets ★★★★onom agemo & the disco jumpers
jazz psychedelic world afrobeat broken beats similar
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