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09/2022 Other Zones ★★★★michael formanek quartet - formanek/berne/taborn/cleaver
jazz improvisation improvised music jazz quartet similar

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03/2018 Angel Dusk ★★★★☆tim berne/matt mitchell duo
jazz piano similar
11/2020 Spiders ★★★★☆tim berne/matt mitchell duo
jazz piano similar
11/2022 ZONE 1 ★★★★tim berne gregg belisle
acoustic guitar contemporary classical contemporary jazz electric guitar composition duo similar
05/2021 Turnpike Diaries Vol.3 Big Mammals ★★★☆tony malaby
jazz avant-garde free jazz saxophone post bop similar
04/2021 Turnpike Diaries Volume 2 ★★★☆tony malaby
jazz avant-garde saxophone post bop similar
04/2022 Tangled ★★★★tim berne nasheet waits
jazz improvisation free improvisation drums contemporary jazz composer similar
06/2020 1 ★★★★☆matt mitchell tim berne
11/2022 Hidros 8 - Heal ★★★☆mats gustafsson nu ensemble
experimental jazz free jazz improvised music similar
10/2016 Binary ★★★★☆anna webber
experimental jazz improvisation contemporary jazz composition similar
09/2021 Evidence-based ★★★★the claudia quintet with special guest : eileen myles
jazz poetry groove improvised sonic similar
10/2021 The Day That Is ★★☆thomas heberer
01/2022 Mars ★★★☆tim berne – gregg belisle-chi
jazz improvisation guitar free jazz duo similar
10/2020 The Deceptive 4 ★★★★tim berne's snakeoil
jazz improvisation similar
02/2022 That Hat omri ziegele where's africa with yves theiler dario sisera
jazz improvisation composition avant garde jazz similar
10/2020 Blood From A Stone ★★★☆mark helias/tim berne
jazz improvisation duo creative music similar
05/2018 Double Up, Plays Double Up Plus ★★★★★henry threadgill
jazz classical improvisation similar
01/2022 The Cave Of Winds ★★★★☆tony malaby
experimental jazz avant-garde improvisation free jazz similar
11/2018 Contemporary Chaos Practices ingrid laubrock mary halvorson kris davis nate wooley orchestra
jazz avant-garde contemporary jazz similar
04/2021 Mutual Aid Music link #2 ★★★★★nate wooley
experimental noise jazz electroacoustic free jazz improvised music similar
09/2022 Sparkle Beings ★★★★angelica sanchez trio
piano improv similar
10/2021 Road ★★★fred frith trio with lotte anker susana santos silva
jazz improvisation free jazz composition similar
06/2021 Blue Vertical ★★★★☆mario pavone
experimental jazz improvisation similar
06/2012 Tomorrow Sunny / The Revelry, Spp ★★★henry threadgill
jazz classical improvisation similar
05/2020 Sacred Vowels ★★★★★tim berne
jazz free improvisation avant garde jazz similar
04/1996 Unwound / The Fan ★☆bloodcount & tim berne
jazz jazz and improvised music similar
06/2020 Blood Moon ★★★★ingrid laubrock - kris davis
jazz avant-garde similar
04/2021 Sensitive ★★★★☆hardcell
06/2019 Sean Conly/Michael Attias/Tom Rainey, Live at the Bushwick Series gaucimusic
jazz free jazz jazz and improvised music experimental music avant garde jazz similar
08/2021 Jersey Candombe (Turnpike Diaries Volume 5) ★★★tony malaby
jazz avant-garde jazz and improvised music saxophone post bop similar
06/2020 Cause And Reflect ★★★☆hank roberts tim berne
jazz improvisation cello duo similar
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