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04/2014 In the Name of What? ★☆big mean sound machine
jazz psychedelic world funk dance afrobeat NYP similar

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06/2012 Warrior ★★☆jsan big mean sound machine
jazz psychedelic world funk dance afrobeat NYP similar
06/2010 Scaramunga Remixed EPray harris & the fusion experience
r&b/soul remix similar
06/2010 Reflection Symmetric EP ★★kaleidoscope jukebox
electronic hip hop soul funk downtempo chillout similar
05/2009 Grigri Breakersloan
electronic hip hop techno dubstep glitch grime similar
12/2011 LIKE A GYPSY :: SMOOVE Remix short ★★★kojato & the afro latin cougaritas
jazz soul latin afro bossa similar
12/2014 End of an Era ★★☆alais clay
hip-hop/rap underground independent truth music NYP similar
12/2014 She Makes Me Feel ★★★vibe street
electronic hip hop electro blues bluegrass space funk NYP similar
03/2006 Ache! epidan k & the movement of rhythm
electronic house world funk dance latin similar
11/2011 ALL ABOUT JAZZ ★★★☆kojato & the afro latin cougaritas
jazz soul latin afro bossa similar
05/2013 Debut smokey bandits
jazz world funk breakbeat surf swing similar
04/2013 Somewhere In Between krooked drivers
electronic hip hop soul funk NYP similar
05/2015 Raw Beets mixwell
electronic instrumental world boom bap old school tropical NYP similar
04/2015 Pressurize The Cabin ★★★★☆fort knox five
hip hop electronica electro funk dub reggae similar
09/2013 One Seed EP ★★☆jean du voyage
electronic hip hop rap electronica downtempo trip hop NYP similar
06/2010 Symmetric Swing Theory ★☆kaleidoscope jukebox
electronic jazz soul funk downtempo trip hop similar
03/2014 Music for Adverts ★★☆lack of afro
soul funk r&b disco r&b/soul funk rock similar
10/2010 Songs of Samadhi ★☆kaleidoscope jukebox
electronic soul funk downtempo dub trip hop similar
08/2009 Been Meaning to Tell Youernest gonzales
electronic hip hop indie instrumental beats NYP similar
05/2014 Hard Man - Kaly Live Dub, Learoy Green short kaly live dub
electronic alternative dance dub similar
10/2014 Dandelion Seeds ★☆kratos himself
electronic experimental ambient pop electronica downtempo similar
07/2010 Balkan Fever London (Mind The Brass)green queen music
04/2012 Schlawiener ★★[dunkelbunt]
electronic world music oriental electro swing similar
02/2009 Remixes - The Mighty British Series - Vol. 1 ★★★☆the bahama soul club
jazz soul latin vinyl afro bossa nova similar
08/2010 Airborne ★★☆spoonbill
electronic electronica groove similar
07/2014 Fataldj pippi sandro s
downtempo chillout lounge similar
04/2008 Squeeze Me (feat. Ben Westbeech) ★★☆kraak & smaak
electronic house electro funk breakbeat glitch hop similar
06/2014 Happy short speedometer
soul funk latin similar
01/2010 Kotzaktimewarp inc
funk dub nu disco nu-jazz broken beat nu funk similar
09/2014 Psychedelegates technicolor lenses
electronic hip-hop/rap hip hop rap beats bass similar
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