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04/2014 Beat The Love short ★★☆autoheart
alternative pop indie synthpop disco queer NYP similar

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05/2014 Demos ★★☆autoheart
alternative pop indie acoustic electronica singer-songwriter NYP similar
02/2012 Career Suicide starship amazing
electronic chiptune fun happy seattle wa [CC BY-NC] similar
09/2013 A WORLD APART ★☆as shadows collapse
hip hop metal death metal metalcore deathcore groove metal NYP similar
09/2005 HAPPY ACCIDENT ★☆exit mindbomb
alternative progressive rock industrial rock NYP similar
01/2015 the ha moon takes poppy patica
rock pop dc NYP similar
05/2008 mc chris is dead ★★☆mc chris
hip-hop/rap rap similar
07/2013 Ruby Dagger ★★★★★starship amazing
electronic pop synthpop chiptune fun happy [CC BY-NC] similar
12/2013 In Defense Of My Decision To Break Off My Engagement to Mortal Kombat Heart Throb Sub-Zero emily axford
experimental ambient pop acoustic spacey ambient folk similar
11/2013 Winter Nights EP ★★★☆p1k
alternative punk acoustic alternative rock punk rock christmas similar
03/2008 III the whomping willows
rock wizard rock similar
12/2013 Spooky Grooves & Groovy Spooks (2010)emily axford
experimental pop acoustic spacey ambient folk similar
07/2013 Punch ★★★★★autoheart
alternative pop indie synthpop disco similar
03/2012 The Robot Trilogy ★☆starship amazing
electronic pop indie chiptune independent fun [CC BY-NC] similar
07/2008 Wizards and Muggles Rock For Social Justice: Vol. 2 ★☆various artists
rock wizard rock similar
02/2013 Heap josie brechner
experimental instrumental soundtrack sample-based video game soundtrack [CC BY-SA] similar
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