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07/2022 DOC FLIPPERS "Human Pork"Doc Flippers
rock punk
07/2022 ACE OF SPIT "S/T"Ace of Spit
rock garage guitar surf
07/2022 WATER DAMAGE "But The Rat Was Very Smart" CSWater Damage
noise rock minimal trance drum and bass psych
05/2022 DAN MELCHIOR "CB Odyssey" 🟊 — Dan Melchior
rock folk avant-garde garage
03/2022 NED COLLETTE "Jokes and Trials" 🟊 — Ned Collette
indie rock folk singer-songwriter avant-garde
12/2021 C JOYNES "Poor Boy On The Wire"C Joynes
rock folk lo-fi field recordings american primitive trad
11/2021 ROADHOUSE "Supernatural XS"Roadhouse
rock lo-fi soundtrack electroacoustic acid house tape music
09/2021 ROADHOUSE "Aladdin Sales"Roadhouse
rock folk lo-fi beats prog acid house
09/2021 EQUIPMENT POINTED ANKH "Without Human Permission" 🟊 — Equipment Pointed Ankh
electronic experimental rock free rock
08/2021 WARMER MILKS "Soft Walks" 🟊 — Warmer Milks
indie rock folk avant-garde country
07/2021 FOOTINGS "Annihilation"Footings
rock folk
02/2021 MARC RIORDAN "Life Systems"Marc Riordan
electronic experimental instrumental rock avant-garde improvisation
01/2021 STYROFOAM WINOS "S/T"Styrofoam Winos
indie rock folk songwriter
12/2020 HORSELESS "daymares"Horseless
instrumental rock
11/2020 LITTLE GOLD "Wake Up & Die Right"Little Gold
rock indie folk power pop alt-country
10/2020 WREN KITZ "Early Worm"Wren Kitz
indie experimental rock folk psych
10/2020 FRANK & THE HURRICANES "Love Ya Love Ya"Frank The Hurricanesbad
indie rock folk blues psych songwriter
08/2020 HOME BLITZ "All Through The Year" 🟊 — Home Blitz
rock punk avant-garde experimental rock new wave power pop
07/2020 DAR "Where The Future Lives"DAR
05/2020 DAHM MAJURI CIPOLLA "Immure Songs"Dahm Majuri Cipolla
rock folk lo-fi psych home recording glam
04/2020 PEOPLE SKILLS "Former January Ending Through 52 Weeks" 🟊 — People Skills
experimental rock philly
04/2020 DJ HANK "Traffic Control" 🟊 — DJ Hank
electronic rock beats footwork juke ghettotech
04/2020 DRY SUMMERS "It Feels Good To Laugh Again"Dry Summers
indie rock
04/2020 ANIMAL CITY "Live @ Cropped Out '14 (for Jim Franks)"Animal CIty
indie rock garage pop
03/2020 WOMBO "Blossomlooksdownuponus"Wombo
indie rock post-punk experimental pop
01/2020 HUEVOS II "III" 🟊 — Huevos II
pop indie rock rock twee western mass
11/2019 SPIDER BAGS "A Celebration of Hunger" 🟊 — Spider Bags
rock folk garage country
10/2019 BILL DIREEN "A Memory of Others" OST 🟊🟊 — BILL DIREEN
rock soundtrack flying nun vacuum
04/2019 THE KNEE-JERK REACTION "Blame It On Me"The Knee-Jerk Reaction
experimental pop rock funk
04/2019 EQUIPMENT POINTED ANKH "Live"Equipment Pointed Ankh
electronic rock avant-garde synth freeform modern composition
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