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02/2019 obs!31 The Plague Continuess.s. electronics
experimental noise drone harsh noise power electronics queer [CC BY-ND]
04/2018 obs!29 Negentropyormusbad
experimental ambient drone [CC BY-ND]
05/2017 obs!30 Zvukem I̶I̶I̶lionel dixit
experimental noise electronica breakbeat industrial noise giallo [CC BY-ND]
10/2016 obs!27 Sedem Minút Strachu / Paregoriksedem minút strachu paregorikbad
experimental harsh noise noisecore [CC BY-ND]
10/2016 obs!26 Vamos a Matar, compañeros / Two Mules for Uncle Grashaparegorik uncle grasha's flying circus
experimental harsh noise spaghetti western [CC BY-ND]
04/2016 obs!25 Annie Chapman / Debris Flowannie chapman debris flow
experimental noise harsh noise wall hnw loops industrial noise [CC BY-ND]
09/2015 obs!23 Pandaklutz
experimental [CC BY-ND]
02/2015 obs!20 Dietary Restrictionsdead neanderthals nick millevoi
experimental noise instrumental free jazz free improv [CC BY-ND]
04/2014 obs!15 Rapsodie o Smutné Láscethe sound of biblical violence
experimental [CC BY-ND]
02/2014 obs!17 Neanderthal Jazzmassola
experimental improvisation free jazz [CC BY-ND]
08/2013 obs!12b Ku Klutz Klanklutz
experimental noise hardcore powerviolence fastcore
08/2013 obs!05b Still.Desire.paregorik
experimental noise harsh noise [CC BY-ND]
12/2012 obs!11 Blackromancemindfall
experimental ambient dark ambient depressive
08/2012 obs!10 The Depth Of A Deathastro
experimental noise harsh noise japanoise [CC BY-ND]
05/2012 obs!05 Still.Desireparegorik
experimental [CC BY-ND]
12/2011 obs!03 Lost / Foundmark aubert
experimental punk funk instrumental hip-hop diy alternative hip-hop [CC BY-ND]
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