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10/2019 2019 Columbia Experimental Music Festival Label Sponsor Samplervarious artists
experimental compilation
10/2018 Columbia Experimental Music Festival Pairing Guide Audio Companiondismal niche
01/2018 Animal Skins18andcounting the only ensemble
08/2017 No Greener Grass ★★★☆scott tuma
experimental ambient folk drone soundtrack guitar
03/2017 Unknown Pressures ★★christensen chlapek
07/2016 Dropout rip rap
02/2016 Long Slow Dream link #2 ★☆solid waste
electronic ambient soundtrack synth new age field recordings NYP
01/2016 405 Skiesblank thomas
electronic experimental leftfield hardware stl NYP
09/2015 Outgoing Messages tyler powell
09/2015 Intransitive hylidae
electronic NYP
09/2015 Gualala Blues link #2 ★★☆hush arbors
alternative rock psychedelic country folk rock rock and roll
07/2014 Wood Ear, More Deer dung lung
folk nature anarchy similar
07/2014 Teenage Dolomites poi
electro minimal synth kraut similar
01/2014 Katheryn's Fever Dreamneatly knotted
ambient pop shoegaze bedroom pop tape similar
10/2013 Across Our Wide Misery link #2 nevada greene
experimental violin cello moog instrumental guitar
04/2013 Hott Lunchhott lunch
02/2013 Mountain of Youthkneatly knotted
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