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06/2014 Intuition — Horrible Present
indie pop psychedelic alternative independent cassette
02/2014 Corners — Jacob Faurholt
indie singer-songwriter alternative independent cassette experimental folk
08/2013 Currents — Plane Ticket
indie indie rock alternative independent cassette
07/2012 Mary Climbed the Ladder for the Sun — Mandrax Icon
experimental drone folk singer-songwriter alternative blues
07/2012 Meridians — Meridians
experimental folk alternative minimalism independent cassette
06/2012 Little War, Little Less — James Apollo
indie rock singer-songwriter alternative blues independent rock and roll
05/2012 Natural Conspiracy — Plastic Flowers
ambient electronica alternative shoegaze independent cassette [CC BY-SA]
04/2012 Under the Quiet Sky — Plane Ticket
indie indie rock alternative independent cassette [CC BY-SA]
04/2012 54, I love you but it's time to get off — Horrible Present
pop psychedelic alternative independent cassette
04/2012 Neighbors — The Brilliant Beast
indie rock alternative folk rock americana power pop independent
01/2012 Warszawa — Point Reyes
experimental alternative independent cassette
01/2012 I Have Been Away For So Long short — A Jigsaw
folk alternative americana independent cassette
11/2011 Yay — Crystal Shipsss
experimental indie rock lo-fi alternative independent cassette
09/2011 From the Mouths of the Middle Class — Blessed Feathers
indie folk alternative acoustic americana independent
09/2011 Tiny Island Teeth — Lizard Kisses
pop lo-fi alternative independent cassette
05/2011 Our two EPs in one cassette — Birds are Indie
folk indie pop alternative independent cassette [CC BY-ND]
04/2011 True Love and Water — Erica Buettner
ambient indie folk singer-songwriter alternative acoustic
03/2011 Music For Your Plants — Music For Your Plants
electronic experimental lo-fi alternative progressive independent
03/2011 House of Glass Dolls — Fletcher Kaufman
alternative electroacoustic independent cassette fuzz folk [CC BY-SA]
03/2011 Neuanfang — Taiga Blues
instrumental alternative post-rock avant-garde independent cassette
02/2011 Fade Cave — Yellow Ostrich
rock alternative bedroom pop independent vocal cassette [CC BY-ND]
01/2011 Meltdown — Plastic Flowers
electronic experimental alternative independent cassette
01/2011 The Sea In My Cassette Recorder — Mouse and Sequencers
ambient experimental alternative electroacoustic independent cassette [CC BY-ND]
12/2010 Sutcliffe Catering Co./Greater Bird of Paradise Split EP — Sutcliffe Catering Co./Greater Bird of Paradise
folk lo-fi alternative shoegaze independent cassette [CC BY-ND]
11/2010 Layered — Luís Costa
ambient alternative post-rock independent cassette [CC BY-ND]
10/2010 Symphony of the Deceased — Long Desert Cowboy
instrumental alternative space rock independent cassette western [CC BY-ND]
09/2010 Yuni in Taxco EP — Yuni in Taxco
psychedelic alternative soul independent surf cassette [CC BY-ND]
09/2010 The Two EPs — Simone Morelli
folk singer-songwriter alternative independent cassette [CC BY-ND]
09/2010 The Shilohs EP — The Shilohs
pop rock alternative independent cassette [CC BY-ND]
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