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The Exquisites — similar artists: Clown Sounds, House Boat, Citizen Fish, Lifetime, The Steinways, The Fourager's Club, Chinese Telephones, Dead To Me, F.Y.P, Kitty Kat Fan Club, The Varsity Weirdos, The Unlovables, Western Addiction, Banner Pilot, The Underground Railroad to Candyland, The Dopamines, The Falcon, Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds, The Turkletons, Stoned At Heart, Japanther, Red City Radio, Fear Of Lipstick, The Popsters, Treasure Fleet, J Mascis, Future Teens, The Arrivals, The Max Levine Ensemble, MILLION SUNDAY, The Loved Ones, Kid Dynamite, The Maxies, Toys That Kill, Off With Their Heads, Quincy Punx, Mommy Long Legs, Dillinger Four, austin m., The Lawrence Arms, Recess Records, Nos Da, Varsity Weirdos, Weeked Dads, The Veterans, Dear Landlord, The Smith Street Band, Kingons, Be My Doppelganger, The Wimpys, Latterman, Hard Girls, The Legendary San Diego Chargers, The Badamps, The Dazes, The Spin Offs, the children's crusade, Kitty And The Manges, The Gateway District, Till Plains, Caithlin De Marrais, Tera Melos, Festipals, That's Incredible, The Ridicules, Prototipes, Jason Clackley, Todd Congelliere, Zatopeks, Anonymous Inc, Lipstick Homicide, Gateway District, Tightwire, Skinny Genes, City Mouse, the Methadones, Ogikubo Station, Mall'd To Death, Kevin Nichols, Joyce Manor, Elway, Robot Bachelor, Rational Anthem, The Exquisites, Not Half Bad, Jabber, Specialist Subject Records, The Lippies, The Menzingers, Future Virgins, Witches With Dicks, Tim Barry, Tender Defender, The Apers, The All Brights, Weekend Dads, Broadway Calls, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Jets to Brazil, The Bananas, Former Member, Swing Ding Amigos, Sine Dive, Old Friends, the bouncing souls, the Crumbs, Benny The Jet Rodriguez, Crimpshrine, Tommy V, Ceschi, Cobra Skulls, Heart Attack Man, Jumpstarted Plowhards, Gregor Barnett, Hi Ho Silver, Brendan Kelly, The Albert Square, Mischief Brew, Birthday Suits, None More Black, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Copyrights, Propagandhi, Heart, PUD, American Steel, French Exit, Sex Offenders, Beach Craft Bonanza, Shark Pants, Enemy You, Plow United, Summer Vacation, June Bash, The White Octave, Direct Hit!, toyGuitar, Classics of Love, Special Guest, Hot Water Music, Science Police, Garrett Dale, The Lillingtons, Spanish Love Songs, Sunny Day Real Estate, Culture Shock [ska-punk UK], Boys On The Wall, Like Bats, Sam Russo, Sincere Engineer, Maiden Mars, Subhumans, BAD MOVES, Nothington, Wax Phantom, Cosmit, GET DEAD, The Stupid Daikini, Jabber/Science Police, Pool Party, Strung Out, PKEW PKEW PKEW, Wil Wagner, Origami Angel, the brokedowns, Starry Nights, The Creeps, Lipstick Homicide/Billy Raygun, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Hospital Job, The Flatliners, Kim Gordon, HEY-SMITH, Lagwagon, Mikey Erg/Barrakuda McMurder, oso oso, Hüsker Dü, All Away Lou, Grath Madden, Wish Granters, Barrakuda McMurder, Skeletal Lightning, Ship Thieves, mo niklz, The Bruce Lee Band, Rad Girlfriend Records, The Punchlines, Gregory Pepper, JUSTIN SANE, Dead North/Strong City, Pinkshift, The Unit Ama, The Gaslight Anthem, The Promise Ring, Nobodys, Curtail, The Murderburgers, Common Grackle, 2.91 ms