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SNAGG — similar artists: snagg, beasters, gcbt records, monnier, internal/sidetracked, failed treatment, soiled hate, incinerated, ixias, forced expression, meth leppard/ infanticide, fake meat, esp mayhem, seal team 666, ego fix, cryptic void, coffin nail, bled to submission, magnum force, in disgust, warsore, organ dealer/ nerve grind/ invertebrate, brainpan/xsavagex, cave state, kidnapped, bxsxrx, jardim de flores, daunted, hallucination realized, nee!, last days of humanity/ p.l.f., guilt dispenser, noisy neighbors, vivisick, marion barry, hooker spit windex, in her rotten cheek, pyosisified, skullsmasher, james doesn't exist, ultracide, organ dealer, misery engine/sidetracked, oscillation overthruster, ultimate bastard, yokozuna-bot, asada, japanese torture comedy hour, no gang colors, don garnelli, dj nevermind, zenseiderz, greedy mouth, xrin arms, no/mÁs, concussive, blue sketch., green terror, bozo, trucido, houkago grind time, jah excretion, blotter acid eucharist, siamese royalty, s.t.d.f.n., sufferinfuck, bestower, inerds, areyfu, kuntpuncher, thirsting for men, weedthief, mickey napalm, talib aziiz, black leather cop, orgone accumulators, diseksa, gigantic brain, noisebazooka, stall, osk, peep, mehkago n.t., desairologie, chainsaw squid, sex prisoner, imperial slaughter, cognizant, xbrainiax, snarler, deathrats, shitstormtrooper, magrudergrind, agents of abhorrence, rhino charge, necrotic liquefaction, ventilator, magt, sakatat, murderman, kill the client, dos amigos, wvrm, malpractice insurance, circle of dead children, roskopp, aspirate coma, lxexaxrxnx, tfd, retortion terror, lauderdale, tahkid, quiz 10, controlled by fear, new hell, clvb drvgs, breached hull, the irreversible neural damage, i end me, barking orders, w.c.p.c., tex avery, dystopian architect, shaken baby, sepik, gunzard, excruciating terror, makkmat, emphysematous excretion of gangrenous debridement/empyaema, moisturizer, jesusegg, to live a lie records, retortion terror [split], parlamentarisk sodomi, dead instrument, melting rot, deliriant nerve, vile horrendous aerial bombardment, archagathus, alphanumeric, chest pain, stimulant, pantalones abajo marinero, formless master, breathilizör, barriga de verme, radiation vomit, feastem, klonns, captain three leg, lurid panacea, chepang, ear bleeding disorder, the men's toilet, spew-gina, dismembered fetus, charogne stone, screaming feast, oxalate, raw addict, extremely brutal, shit life, population reduction, short order, final draft, pizza hi five, mule skinner, 2020,the battle continues, boykz, fxpxox, mind as prison, lipoma, concede, estuarine, dahmer, violent headache, acxdc, anal massaker, kill the con man, extortion, damien records, bleeding out, ischemic necrosis, the scroungers, north american grind freaks, wadge, rawhead, whoretorn, get destroyed, new standard elite, posthumous regurgitation, sachiel, triac/sacridose, coprobaptized cunthunter, mellow harsher, dead bitch, active stenosis, gendo ikari, no bread! records, 2.10 ms