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SCUM HUMAN — similar artists: Extortion, In Disgust, CIVILIZED, Vile Gash, Gets Worse, SNAGG, MAGNUM FORCE, Mangled State, Negative Reinforcement, Suburbanite, Apartment 213, Risk And Reason, CAVE STATE, Putkah, Internal/Sidetracked, Faitheater, WHITE WARDS, Sex Prisoner, Blazing Eye, Cadaver Dog, Radlock, Starvation, MAGRUDERGRIND, mellow harsher, Sick Machine, OSK, CONCUSSIVE, SHACKLΣS, XBRAINIAX, Mehkago N.T., MANHUNT, CØNDITIØN, SOILED HATE, Spazz, Scum Human, Deathrats, dos amigos, Despise You, Crewneck, Sore Throat, Creep Stare, To Live A Lie Records, Rhino Charge, PLEASURE CROSS, Snarling Hate, Malpractice Insurance, LxExAxRxNx, TFD, Goodbye World, Search And Destroy, Sakatat, Absolute Power, The Repos, VIOLENCIA, Wound Man, SQRM, Beasters, Misery Engine/Sidetracked, The Consequence, Grindcore Tribute to Motörhead 2017, VEIL II, Agents of Abhorrence, ACxDC, Aerosols, SEAL TEAM 666, CHEST PAIN, Capitalist Casualties​, Combat Force, charogne stone, Roskopp, PRIVATE ROOM, Final Draft, Warxgames, NO FAITH, RASHŌMON, SANDxCOFFIN, Melchior, ARCHAGATHUS, Sea of Shit, Marion Barry, FxPxOx, Mind As Prison, In Her Rotten Cheek, James Doesn't Exist, Life Support, WARSORE, Oscillation Overthruster, Ultracide, Ultimate Bastard, IRON LUNG, YOKOZUNA-bot, Wartorn, Malokul, THE LOWEST FORM, Vivisected Numbskulls, Split Open, EXCRUCIATING TERROR, CUM, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, DJ Nevermind, Xrin Arms, No Gang Colors, Z(enseider)Z, DON GARNELLI, Greedy Mouth, TARGETS, No Tolerance, Escuela, Incinerated, Shitbrains, Bestower, KIDNAPPED, SOCIETY NURSE, City Hunter, Siamese Royalty, Beyond Pain, Inerds, Get Destroyed, Weekend Nachos, Orgone Accumulators, Thirsting For Men, STDFN, Blotter Acid Eucharist, Weedthief, SUFFERINFUCK, Black Leather Cop, Talib Aziiz, Kuntpuncher, Diseksa, JAH EXCRETION, AREYFU, Mickey Napalm, Axed Up Conformist, Terminal Youth, Gigantic Brain, Tired Of Everything, Stress Collapse, BLOODY PHOENIX, Pizzahifive, Blood Ties, Chainsaw Squid, Athrenody, Downtrodden, NOISEBAZOOKA, STRESS GHETTO, Hip Cops, Eddie Brock, Glue Traps, I Object, CONVENIENCE, UPPERGROUND, SEASICK, Mal Parido, Arctic Choke, Holder's Scar, D9, AxRxMx, Euthanizer, Crypt Hammer, BRAIN TOURNIQUET, Boston Strangler, Death's Grip, Ixias, Conga Fury, Warfear, Reckoning Force, Family Vacation, Nailbomb, BLACK IRON PRISON, FilthxCollins, Regional Justice Center, Sludgelord, Knuckle Scraper, Demagogue, LATISHIA'S SKULL DRAWING, Damien Records, ENEMY SOIL, CROM, Youth Attack, Mere Mortal, Population Reduction, Green Terror, Sweet Jesus, Internal Rot, Diseased Audio, Hornetz Nest, Daunted, Digress, NASTI, Failures, GUILT DISPENSER, Gag, Happy Pill Trauma, Starvation/Negative Reinforcement, Four Remain, Bad Teeth Recordings, Removalist, NO BREAD! records, DIRECT THREAT, 3.63 ms