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James Leonard Hewitson — similar artists: Sweeping Promises, Bleached, The Nude Party, Public Practice, Yard Act, N0V3L, Meatbodies, TV Priest, Naxatras, Blac Rabbit, Gustaf, CASTLEBEAT, Hector Gannet, nev clay, Kiwi jr, Hannah Jadagu, The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens, Sullen Eyes, Dressed Like Wolves, James Leonard Hewitson, Disq, Peaness, PRIESTGATE, Sonia Gadhia, Holodrum, N0V3L/EXEK, Nobody's Flowers, Bodega Bay, Belly of Paris, Chime School, The Shop Window, Sticky Pearls, Rufus Beer, DTSQ, Nel Unlit, Wild Nothing, Hookworms, atmos bloom, By Toutatis, Lost Ships, Amateur Trepanning, Psyence, Star Tropics, surf rock is dead, The Umbrella Puzzles, Stephen's Shore, The Photocopies, Mt. Misery, deep tan, cathedral bells, The Hannah Barberas, the memory fades, Lemondaze, FLOWVERS, Sea Lemon, Benjamin Amos, Slow Coda, Faithful Johannes, the bv's, Gabriel's Dawn, Hause Plants, Abel Raise The Cain, Lionhall, Gong Gong Gong, april june, Battery Point, Nancy Sin, Strange Passage, Blank Maps, GRAZER, Tiny Lights, Pop at Summer, Zeeland, The Muldoons, Rachel Love, My Raining Stars, Field School, Artsick, Loose Fit, Corridor, BAN SUMMERS, Midi Memory, Cherryade Records, George Boomsma, Jaded Juice Riders, Dillon PC, Ceiling Demons, Peach Gardens, Bridge Dog, Flasher, Fortitude Valley, BERRIES, Jetstream Pony, Tissue Culture, jeanines, Flat Worms, KAYLETH, North East Musicians Unite, Bad Amputee, seventeen years, My Idea, Layzi, The National Honor Society, Relay Tapes, Natasha Haws, Anorak Patch, Me Lost Me, Marble Gods, Beach Vacation, freddyboy, Total Heat, Swansea Sound, Fake Fruit, The Lake Poets, Lillet Blanc, Meyverlin, Plastic Mermaids, Brunch Club, SL Walkinshaw, Echo Ladies, Coming Up Roses, Pale Spectres, Alpine Subs, Dream Suicides, Amelia Coburn, Dirteens, COOL HEAT, Andrew Johnson, Slant 6, Ducks Ltd., Dream Wife, They Go Boom!!, O'Messy Life, Chloe Berry, Pastel Dream, Mouses, Guardian Singles, Starry Eyed Cadet, Kristine Leschper, Acrobatic Society, Chestnut Bakery, FERS, Samsara Blues Experiment, TEEN BLUSH, Fantasy Rainbow, Cherry Glazerr, Boy With Apple, Machine Records, The Tiny Lights Birthday Band, Howlin' Banana bands, Country Westerns, Butterfly Effect, The Lousy Pop Group, Yakka Doon, Launderette, Spearmint, Nuha Ruby Ra, seablite, Bored at My Grandmas House, The Catenary Wires, Velveteen, Jagannatha, PACKS, The Umlauts, The German Ocean, Mantra Machine, Leave The Planet, SLØTFACE, Bully, The Wants, Softcult, Weird Nightmare, Polyorchard, The Spacelords, Ex-Vöid, BODEGA, Joe Versus, Peter Hall, Pottery, Lightfoils, Naked Roommate, French Vanilla, The Telephone Numbers, Bratmobile, GGAllan Partridge, Would-Be-Goods, The Golden Age Of Nothing, Public Places, Beach Bunny, Matt DeMello, The Slow Summits, Milk Bottle Sympathy, Liquify, Styles Make Fights, Potty Mouth, Good Friend Electric, HAZEMAZE, Phantom Handshakes, The Sweetest Touch, 2.83 ms